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Welcome to the wonderful world of 'Bill' William Thomas Compton and Stephen Moyer inspired fan fiction. Here you will find a home for fan fiction devoted to Bill and any works relating to Stephen's catalogue and non fandom Stephen inspired works.
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Welcome to the wonderful world of 'Bill' William Thomas Compton and Stephen Moyer inspired fan fiction. Here you will find a home for fan fiction devoted to our beloved Bill and any works relating to Stephen's catalogue and non fandom Stephen inspired works.

The intention of this collection is to provide a haven for all ratings of fiction and adult rated fiction in particular.

All are welcome to post works and comment on works that have been inspired by Bill and True Blood or any of the movies or shows that form part of the Moya catalogue.

Enjoy the collection and don't forget to tell any others that may be interested about us as it is all about sharing the love of the character and the man himself.

It is a work in progress and will rely on your support to make it a success so get your zone on, start your creative juices flowing and let’s get writing, reading and commenting.


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What's New - updates, welcome to new contributors and snippets pertaining to the collection
Getting started on the Simply Moyer Fan Fiction Collection
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~~~ What's New ~~~

Introducing our newest author Porcinelove. Please make her feel welcome and head of over to her story and leave a comment of encouragement.

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*** Introducing a Beta Reader service ***
Need an editor? We've got one! Semiramis27 has graciously agreed to provide beta reading services for anyone interested. A beta reader reviews your work with a critical eye with the aim of improving grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax (sentence structure). She'll also provide feedback on the readability of the story (assisting with avoiding repetition and redundancy) prior to it's release to the public. If this service sounds like something you'd benefit from, drop her a line at

*** Moyer Inspiration Simply Moyer Fan Fiction Collection ***
Do you have a story that has been inspired by Stephen, something that you have written that he has inspired, a character or story that you would love to see him in?
Introducing a new sub collection -
Moyer Inspiration Simply Moyer Fan Fiction Collection ~ where all non fandom Stephen inspired works can be posted.

Please remember when posting to make sure to associate your work to the Simply Moyer Fan Fiction Collection and any relevant collections.

*** New Contributor ***
Simply Moyer Fan Fiction Collection would like to welcome a new contributor to the family, Cascade24. Jumping right in and taking the big plunge Cascade24 has already added a two part multi chapter story featuring our beloved Bill and a stand alone story, both engrossing reads and a great start to her writing career.
Welcome Cascade24 and thanks for joining in the Moya magic.


~~~ Getting started on the Simply Moyer Fan Fiction Collection ~~~~
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From the Archive home page, request an 'invite' to join up to the Archive site.

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~~~ A bit of House keeping ~~~~
There are several ways to enjoy the stories housed within the collection.

You can choose to simply browse through the five latest stories posted that show on the collection home page or you may prefer to view the entire catalogue of works by clicking the ‘Works’ button from the left hand menu or browse through the sub collections for your favourite author's contributions.

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As this is a brand new journey for us, we would like to thank you for your patience with setting things up and getting everything running to the way we like it but like all things new there may teething problems so do hang in there and we will attempt to get things right.

You will also find lots of help, tips and useful information by visiting the sites FAQ section.

~~~ contributors ~~~
For those of you who are regular contributors to there is even information available for you specifically so please check it all out and take the time to familiarise yourself with this easy to use and wonderful site.



We only have one rule that we request you adhere to but we do ask that you respect some guidelines that will help all of us enjoy our time here.

Please do not post any comments or references regarding this site or fan fiction on the Simply Moyer Forum. Any links or added URLs will be deleted. Please make sure you adhere to this request.

Please abide by all the terms and conditions of Archive of Our Own.

Works submitted to the collection do not require prior approval, but the moderators have the option to remove any work after it has been added should it be deemed to be inappropriate, contrary to the site terms and conditions, offensive, inflammatory or disrespectful.

At this stage this is an open forum so be respectful of all other contributors and readers regardless of what ever character or actor / actress they follow. We don't appreciate negative comments about our Bill and Bill stories so please show the same respect to others and temper any content or comments accordingly.

Likewise when moved, please provide comments and kudos where they are deserved. Everyone that puts time into creating a fiction likes to know that it has been read and enjoyed, comments and feedback and even constructive criticism is welcome where appropriate and kudos, when deserved, are a bonus.

When posting a story, if you are unsure what to rate it and feel that there may be any possibility that something in it may be considered risqué to others, even if you don't consider it to be so, please rate it accordingly. It is better to be cautious than to have your fic removed or place the collection into disrepute.

If posting pictures be mindful of copyright. Please give accreditation to the photographer, agency, magazine source or other’s art work, please ask their permission and give accreditation where ever appropriate.

And finally, if you would like to make any suggestions or have any queries, please feel free to ask. This site gives us lots of scope so sometime in the future we may even have competitions and write offs but that is all up to you the contributors so jump aboard, have fun, share the love and do our Moya proud.