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A fic/art gift exchange focusing on the executives of Shinra.

(Open, Unmoderated, Unrevealed, Gift Exchange Challenge)

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Welcome to the Final Fantasy VII: Shinra Executives Gift Exchange! This is a fanworks (fic and art) exchange focusing on Shinra Executives.

  • Character nominations: open till 26 July
  • Sign-ups: 26 July to 9 August
  • Assignments due: 8 September
  • Reveals: 14 September





What characters fall under the category of Shinra executives?


Generally, this exchange is trying to focus on the lesser-written, non-SOLDIER elements of Shinra. The executive suite along is obviously too small of a circle, so the definition loosely includes Administrative Research, Science, and all the other departments and department heads. You can nominate characters here until sign-ups open.


How do I sign up?


Sign-ups open on July 26. If you do not already have an AO3 account, get one here. The challenge will be run on AO3! Then, head to to the sign-up form.


How will offers and requests get matched?


A match will be made when an offer meets all the characters in a request. This means that you are guaranteed not to be matched to a request with a character you did not offer to produce for. Matches do not take into consideration whether your exchange partner will be producing fic or art.


What are the requirements for a gift?


A fic of 1000 words or more, or a piece of fanart of 400x600px or larger. It must fulfil one of the recipient's requests - you needn't do all of them!



How do I post my gift?


Head to the Assignments section of your Dashboard. You'll see your assignment, and the option to Fulfil it. Click through and follow the instructions!

If you are gifting a piece of art, you'll need to upload it to a server and provide the URL. If you can't do this, email the moderator and we'll get you set up.



I need to back out. What do I do?


If you need to back out of the challenge - and sometimes life does get in the way! - please let the moderator (K) know at least 48 hours before the deadline, so that a pinch-hitter for your recipient can be found.



1. All gifts must fulfil (at least) one of the recipient's requests -- please do not write or draw something that your recipient has not asked for.

2. Fics must be a minimum of 1000 words and art a minimum of 600x400px.

3. Please do take time to thank your author/artist after works are posted! This is a gift exchange, so even if you weren't thrilled with what you received, say thank you and drop a kudos.