Romance Novel Exchange: 2016

(Open, Unmoderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

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Mon 14 Mar 2016 09:00PM EDT
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This is the Romance Novel Exchange - a multifandom fic exchange centered on romance novels. Please see the FAQ on the current challenge (2016 round) for more detail.



How does this exchange work?
Exchange in a nutshell: you write a story of at least 1000 words for someone else in the fandom they requested, and get a story in return in your requested fandom.

In more detail: The story that you write must be at least 1000 words and complete, and must be set in one of the fandoms your recipient requested. It must also feature the characters they requested.

There is a nominations period Jan 4-Jan 15, where you can nominate up to 3 fandoms with 6 characters each. When you put in requests, you can only draw novels and characters from that list (tagset), so make sure you nominate things you want to request or offer.

During sign ups, you can request between 3-6 fandoms, with 1-6 characters from each. You must offer 4-8 fandoms, with 2-8 characters each.

What is the schedule of the exchange?
All times are in Eastern Standard Time. Check for conversions.

NOTE: the deadline dates have all been changed to 9:00PM of the same day - sorry for any confusion/inconvenience!

Nominations: Jan 4- Jan 14, 11:59PM EST
Sign-ups: Jan 15 - Jan 25, 11:59PM EST
Assignments go out: approximately January 29-30
No-penalty default: Mar 7, 9:00PM EST
Stories are due: Mar 14, 9:00PM EST
Stories are revealed: Mar 20 9:00PM EST, right before the first day of spring

Where are announcements posted?
Announcements are posted on:

Follow any one of them for announcements regarding the exchange.

Who runs this exchange?
This exchange is run by ivy (silverflight8 on LJ/DW) and SukiAlanna (feministlilyevans on DW). Contact the mods at



Novels written within the past 50 years in the romance genre are eligible. These can be from any publisher (in addition to the big houses like Avon or Harlequin), so long as the novel is classified in romance. Subgenres of romance are eligible, such as paranormal, thriller, and erotic romance.

Novels written more than fifty years ago, by authors such as Heyer or Austen, are not eligible. Works which have love or romance as subplots and are not in the romance genre are not eligible. This is because most works, period, have some element of love, romance, or lust; this exchange is specifically for romance novels.

Edge cases: YA which is specifically about romance is eligible - the main plotline must revolve around romance.

Bottom line: would you consider the book a romance novel? See the Wikipedia article for more detail:

Story requirements
Your story must be complete, at least 1000 words, and in one of the fandoms that your recipient requested. It must feature all the characters they requested. It must be uploaded to AO3 and gifted to your author before the story upload deadline.