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Women fuck because they like it.

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These stories include erotic scenes where female characters have sex for their own pleasure and without shame.

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Do trans characters qualify for this collection?

Transwomen characters having sex qualify for this collection.

A story in which a character who is depicted as male in canon, but in the context of the fanfiction story is a transwoman who is self-identifying as female and whose sex partner or partners know that she has that gender-identity when they have sex with her qualifies.

Genderqueer characters (characters who do not identify as female, although they also reject a male gender identity) having sex do not qualify for this collection.

Trans characters do not disqualify stories. If your story has a transman or genderqueer character who has sex with a woman in your story, the story qualifies on the basis of the woman character, without regard to the gender identity of her sex partners.

Do AUs qualify for this collection?

Always-a-girl AUs (where a character who is male in canon is presented in the fanfiction as having been born a ciswoman) do not qualify for this collection.

AUs where a male character unintentionally acquires female sex organs, e.g. through magic, alien technology, malevolent third party action, and maintains a male gender identity, do not qualify.

AUs where a male character acquires female sex organs, adopts a female gender identity, and has sex while her gender identity is female, do qualify.

Does humiliation kink disqualify a story from the collection?

If the humiliation is part of a clearly delineated kinky sex scene, and it's clear that the humiliation is part of the sex that the woman desires, then it's still in. This type of story is going to be very much subject to modly judgment call.

Do the sex scenes have to be from a woman's point of view?

The sex scenes may be from any point of view, but the woman's enthusiasm for the sex should be narratively clear for both readers and the viewpoint character.



  • All stories must have at least one explicit sex scene which graphically depicts at least one woman having sex.

  • Stories may be f/f or f/m. There's no limit on the number of male participants, provided the women characters are content with the inclusion of each male participant in their sex scenes.

  • Stories should not include women having sex with dubious consent, in a non-consensual sex scene, or a woman-involved rape, whether the women is the survivor or the perpetrator. Dubious consent includes:

    • while intoxicated by regular drugs or alcohol

    • while under the influence of magic, alien biochemicals, or mind-altering technology

    • while under duress or coercion, e.g. aliens made them do it.

  • Stories may include scenes where male or genderqueer characters are raped by male or genderqueer characters. Please look at the Archive warnings for guidance.

  • Stories should not include women feeling guilty, shameful, or being shamed about sex, their sexual partners, sex practices, or sexual desires. That being said, there can still be relationship angst. It just can't be angst about the sex.