Kradamadness is a monthly thematic multimedia challenge, where the term "fanwork" doesn't necessarily mean fic or art. Bake a fancake. Knit a fan-sweater. Be unique and crazy. We dare you.

This is the AO3 archive for the kradamadness challenges. Please add your work to the appropriate sub-collection after the round ends.

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Hello! Welcome to our monthly thematic Kradam multimedia challenge! \o/

The goal of this challenge is to produce all kinds of new fanwork that focus on Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. Because we love them both a bit too much, and we have to do something with that, or we might just burst.

You can participate not only by creating some kind of (ANY kind, seriously) Kradam fanwork, but also by cheerleading, prompt posting, and confetti throwing as well. We're easy, we're relaxed, there's no one here that will bite you, so please, do join us in whatever way you can.

By fanwork, we don't mean just fanfiction, though we love and appreciate that (so much!) We're hoping to push our members to be creative with their work and not limit themselves to any traditional media. If someone would like to submit a bonsai shaped like Adam's head, we will be a hundred percent behind their craziness. That is basically the objective of this challenge. Knit us Kradam socks! Bake us a Kradam cake! We will just say omnomnom, flail like Kermit, and love you a lot for it.



Please see this POST for all the information you need on kradaMadness challenges.



Please see this POST for all the information you need on kradaMadness challenges.