Love or sexual relationships between sapient people of different species. For example human beings, extra terrestrials, mythological creatures and sapient animals.

Thematic collection.

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About Interspecies (interspecies)

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This collection is meant to be inclusive of all shippy fic about people of different species, romantic and sexual both.

I would like this to be a resource for fans, so please add any and all fic you think fits to the main interspecies collection.



How do I add a fic to the collection?

Go to your fic, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click the button/tab which says "Add to Collection", and start typing the name of the collection, which is "interspecies" (without quotation marks).

May I ship a canon character with an original characters?

Yes, you are free to write original characters. You don't have to include any canon characters at all.

May I ship two (or more) characters who are the same species in canon?

Yes, as long as they are not the same species in your fic.



Non-sapient partners (bestiality) do not count. There must be a relationship between sapients of different species.

Uncertain or dubious sapience is okay, for example if Character A does not know whether the tentacle monster fondling her or him is sapient.