Hannigram Secret Santa

The Hannigram Secret Santa is an exchange of fic for the Hannigram pairing; participants will give and receive Hannigram fic with a minimum of 2,000 words over the holiday season.

(Open, Moderated, Unrevealed, Anonymous, Gift Exchange Challenge)

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Wed 01 Jan 2014 12:00AM PST
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Hello and welcome to the Hannigram Secret Santa Exchange. The mods created this gift exchange to bring fic to the Hannigram (the Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham pairing, for the unfamiliar) fandom around the holidays! The basics of the fest are fairly simple: sign up to offer (and receive!) fic, specify your preferences, and write something according to the likes, dislikes, and potentially even the prompts from a participant assigned to you. Come December 1st, fics will start being posted to the collection. The exchange is initially anonymous (hence the secret part of "Secret Santa"), but gifters will be revealed when the exchange is over.


Hannibal Big Bang
HannibalKink (dw kink meme)
Hannibal Exchange



What version of the Hannigram pairing is this exchange for (TV show, movie, book, etc)?
The Hannibal TV show, as that is the fandom most active in the Hannigram pairing. However, feel free to incorporate any canon from the books/movies, so long as the TV version of the characters are the basis for your story.

Can any of the work involve other (or background) pairings? (Basically, can I write something that isn't exclusively Hannigram?)
The basic answer is yes, but it really depends on what the giftee's preferences are. If they want strictly Hannigram with no side-pairings (Hannibal/Bedelia or Will/OC, for example), the answer is no. But as for background pairings, unless the giftee specifically says they do not want them, that should be no problem. Also, keep in mind that this is a Hannigram exchange, so the inclusion of other couples should probably not be a priority in the first place (but, again, is not at all forbidden).

Can any of the works include het?
This has a similar answer to the above question: it depends on the giftee's preferences. Some stories do call for a certain amount of het, realistically; if there is any question as to the giftee's preferences, please email the mods so they can forward any concerns to the author.

Does the fic have to have a Christmas/holiday theme?
Nope! The Hannigram Secret Santa doesn't have to involve any holiday content whatsoever, it's just the theme/time of year of the exchange itself. (If you feel like writing something set during the holiday season, feel free, but there is absolutely no requirement.)

Will you be needing pinch-hitters for this exchange?
Absolutely. Things happen, and the mods understand that, but when they do, pinch-hitters are essential to the success of any exchange. Email the mods at hssmods@gmail.com if you are available for pinch-hitting duties. (We'll talk more about preferences and logistics once you do.)

What are the consequences if I drop out?
If you simply are having issues with your assignment, please contact the mods to try and work something out. However, if you honestly do not feel you can complete your assignment on time and wish to drop out, that's fine, but the mods will not allow you to participate in any further exchanges we may run in the future for up to one year. (If there are truly extenuating circumstances that prevent you from finishing, please let us know. We don't want to punish people for things out of their control.) If you drop out before the deadline when assignments are due, without giving us notice, you will receive a lifetime ban. So long as you contact us, we're much more relaxed about the whole thing.

What if I absolutely can't do my given assignment?
Email us ASAP; someone else might be in the same boat and willing to trade -- in a worst case scenario, you can be one of our pinch-hitters. We'll do our best to work something out.

How do we sign up [for those new to ao3 challenges]?
Here's a great resource for those new to ao3 exchanges/challenges: Tutorial: signing up for a gift exchange.

What kind of formatting (tags, notes, etc) do we use for posting?
There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to that, but here's another great resource: Tutorial: posting to a challenge. It goes through the basics of posting your fic to the collection (in this case, the collection is the Hannigram Secret Santa Exchange). Please include your recipient, any notes, and please remember to include warnings in the tags. Once you've submitted your fic, it will not be automatically posted; the fics will be staggered out and must be approved by a moderator before they go up. This is to keep the exchange from flooding with a bunch of fic at once. Also, keep in mind that the exchange is initially anonymous, meaning that author names will not be revealed until after the first week of January. Please contact the mods with any questions about tagging or anything else about the posting process at hssmods@gmail.com.



Here's the basic run down:

- Sign-ups run from August 1st through August 31st.
- Assignments are matched up and sent out on or before September 5th.
- There will be periodic check-ins to make sure that everyone is on track.
- Fic is due by November 25th. Submit it to the collection so the mods can get everything ready in time.
- Posting will begin on December 1st. More details on how that works to come.
- Stories have a minimum wordcount of 2,000 (2k) and a maximum of roughly 30,000 (30k), just in the interests of fairness.
- Until the reveal, all author identities must be kept a secret.

Other rules:

- If someone finds themselves unable to complete their assignment, they can email the mods at hssmods@gmail.com to let them know; the mods will happily work with trying to reassign the participant if that is the issue, and if it isn't, the participant is able to drop out. If you feel as though you won't be able to complete your assignment, email us ASAP/before the deadline. Please see the FAQ for more information on pinch-hitting, dropping out, etc.

- All participants must be 18 years of age or older; there will likely be quite a lot of adult content in this exchange, and the mods want to make certain that everyone is legally above-board.

- The key thing to remember about the Hannigram Secret Santa exchange is that it is in fact a gift exchange. If you do not submit a gift, you will not receive one in return. It is unfair for those who do complete their assignments and have worked extremely hard on them to discover that they have no such gift in return. If you drop out, the gift intended for you will either be "orphaned" (we'll give the author a chance to decide if they want to go forward) or not posted at all. No work, no reward, basically.

- All stories must be beta read prior to publication.

- Adhere to the giftee's stated preferences, at least in terms of not including one of their DNW's (don't write mpreg if they unequivocally do not want an mpreg story, basically).