CTB Owns Your Ass

A collection of fic featuring Amber Volakis from the TV series House, M.D.

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Love Amber, also known as CTB? So do we! This collection brings together fic featuring Amber Volakis from the TV series House, M.D.



1. Amber must be a prominent character in the fic. Mentioning her once in 1,000 words does not count!

2. No bashing allowed. Amber does not have to be portrayed as a paragon of virtue-- it'd be really weird if she were, given that she *isn't*-- but she can't be a one-sided villain either.

3. Fic of Amber as portrayed in the series after season four is both allowed and welcome.

4. The collection is moderated but submissions are open. Feel free to add your fic; the moderator will read the story to make sure it does not break any of the previous rules. If the fic fits the requirements, it will be added.

If you do think your fic, or another one, features Amber in a significant way, please to submit it to the collection! The mod organizing this collection does not have eyes in all places and therefore may miss seeing very excellent fic that should be included. The more the merrier.