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2011 Midsummer Santa C6D fic exchange of \o/

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Welcome to the 2011 Canada Six Degrees (of Due South) Midsummer Santa Fic Exchange.

Midsummer Santa has been happening on-and-off since 2005 over on LiveJournal, and this year we're making the move to AO3. So, come and sign up to write and receive fic for our super-awesome Canadian fandoms.



But I'm not an AO3 member?
No problem. Email me at midsummerc6d@gmail.com and I'll rustle up an invite for you.

What is Canada 6 Degrees?
Loosely defined, it's a large group of related fandoms that have some connection to the television show due South. This encompasses fandoms that are "six-degree-ish" of a small set of (mostly) Canadian artists:

Paul Gross, David Marciano, Callum Keith Rennie, Hugh Dillon, Don McKellar, Bruce McDonald, Daniel MacIvor, Sandra Oh, Molly Parker, James Allodi, Peter Outerbridge, and others.

An almost-but-not-quite comprehensive list of eligible fandoms can be found here.

What is Midsummer Santa?
You secretly write a C6D fandom story for someone else, as a Midsummer gift. You MUST offer to write in at least two of the core fandoms. Please help make this fun and exciting by offering to write everything you feel comfortable writing! The world TOTALLY needs more ReGenesis fic! More Flashpoint fic! More Men With Brooms fic! More Suspicious River Slapshot 2 Last Night fic!

You get to make between three and five requests, detailing characters and pairings, prompts and suggestions. Two of these requests MUST be from the core fandom list - the other three can be any C6D fandom, or a crossover of two or more C6D fandoms. Your assigned writer will pick one of your requests and write for that.

What are core fandoms?
For the purposes of being able to match requests to writers, a set of 'core fandoms' has been defined. Participants are asked to ensure that TWO of their requests/offers are from this list:

Canadian Actor RPF, Double Happiness, Durham County, Flashpoint, Hard Core Logo, Last Night, My Life As A Dog, Men With Brooms, ReGenesis, Slings & Arrows, Twitch City, Wilby Wonderful

What do you mean by not including due South?
due South has a big fandom, and its own Seekrit Santa exchange every year. Midsummer was started as a way to, among other things, explore the fic opportunities presented by other characters the dS leads played. In the spirit of that endeavor, for this exchange we rule out due South and other shows and films that have their own large fandoms.

Can I request a crossover, or an AU?
Absolutely! Please use the "freeforms" box for any request such as crossover, alternate universe, etc.

ETA: Because crossovers are awesome, I am allowing characters from, say, due South to be part of a request, eg. Mike Sweeney/Ray Kowalski, Benton Fraser/Brian Larson, Francesca Vecchio/Buddy French, etc.

What if my preferred fandom/character/pairing/moresome isn't on the list?
Select 'Other(s)' from the list, and include the name of the fandom or character(s) in the 'Optional Tags' box. Or you can select the closest pairing and add a modifier in the description section.

Examples, please?
You can see what people have done in the past by checking out the previous Midsummer communities:

Midsummer 2010, which was hosted by the gang at c6d universe.
Midsummer 2009
Midsummer 2007
Midsummer 2006
Midsummer 2005

What about art?
*mod's head esplodes*

Next year? Sorry.

I don't have a beta/can't find a beta.
There will be a beta-call post to the C6D communities on LJ and DW. Keep an eye out for it.

If you are willing to beta, keep an eye out for my post requesting betas, and add your name to the list. Betas are awesome!

What do I do if I can't finish my assignement on time?
PLEASE contact me as soon as possible, so that I can assign a pinch-hitter. This makes life much easier for the mod and ensures that everyone
who gives a story gets one in return.

Can I sign up to be a pinch-hitter?
Yes! Please send an email to midsummerc6d@gmail.com and let me know what kind of stories you are willing to pinch-hit.

Other things
Please do your best to keep your requests short and sweet, follow the rules, and post your story on time.

Dear Santa letters: You can help your author be posting a Dear Santa letter on your journal. Note that your author doesn't have to meet all of your specifications. They're only obliged to match on the fandom(s) and pairing(s) in your signup.

Media: If you need access to hard-to-get media, please email me at midsummerc6d@gmail.com.

Any other questions?
Email the mod at midsummerc6d@gmail.com.



Stories must be a minimum of 1000 words.

TWO requests/offers must be for core fandoms (see FAQ).

Your story must include at least one of your recipient's requested pairings or characters.

It is expected that your work will be betaed. If you have any trouble finding a beta, check the beta call posts on the CD communities, or contact the mod.

It's a Secret Santa: this means that you are writing a gift for someone and MUST keep it secret until you post.