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Donec gratus eram tibi

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"When I thought Laisa was mine
unambiguously, and not politically
counting grievances constantly,
then no emperor yet was so content as I."

"When my lord only lived for me,
And reproofs gently bent imperial hauteur,
When sometimes I could kiss Gregor
then I could not have wished Komarran liberty."

"None hold me as does Barrayar
Noble, proud, beautiful, loyal from low to high.
I would not hesitate to die
to maintain her in peace. Such is my task as Vor."

"No one holds candles to Komarr
Clever, practical, sleek, not stupidly hidebound.
I'd die twice for Soletta's crown
If I knew 't would ensure prosperous trade afar!"

"Yet what if we could try again:
planets take second place, people be reconciled?
Our empire's here to last a while,
but we two still obtain; let's see what happens then."

"You ought not to persuade me thus,
but this time I'll concede. Though I have cause for ire,
I love you, Gregor. So let's try --
if just when we are two -- living that much for us."