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Poems, by Rinoa Heartilly.

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Poems, by Rinoa Heartilly.


~:~ Blinded by Light ~:~


Into darkness, frail with worry

Might gone as footsteps scurry

Down the sandy beach, at a shore

With sharp stones that stub toes

Feel the way in the darkness

Cuts, bruises, grazes, and whimpers

A blanket thrown over my eyes

The pale moonlight tries to bow

Down as the shore glistens

A passerby watches to see

Me try to carry on, but fail

It’s coming now

Fate is cruel

Or so I say

As the blind fool.


 x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


~:~ You, are... ~:~

You, are the shining sun high above my head

You, are the soft sand beneath my feet

You, are the salty sea-water tingling my tongue

You, are the sweet scent that fills my lungs

You, are the benign butterflies that flutter in my stomach

You, are the majestic moon that illuminates my life

You, are the sparkling stars that guide me though the night



 x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


~:~ Desire ~:~

Like the desert yearns for rain.

The iceberg hunts for warmth.

The rainforest prays for shelter.


Like the ocean races to land.

The sky cries to be embraced.


My hearts desires your return.