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Christmas Surprise by Meyghasa

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Christmas Surprise by Meyghasa

Summary: 200 word Christmas drabble in which Crowley gets a lovely Christmas surprise.
Categories: Drabbles Characters: Aziraphale
Genres: Humour
Warnings: Slash (explicit)
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 202 Read: 131
Published: 29 Jan 2006 Updated:29 Jan 2006



Crowley sat on the worn sofa with his arms crossed and a spring digging into his back. His expression as he stared at the... garishly decorated Christmas tree... could be defined as somewhere between disgusted and petulant. Occasionally he would bite the side of his finger and loudly, obnoxiously exhale.

"Bloody Christmas," he grumbled.

Why had Aziraphale invited him over, anyway? He hated Christmas. Even the mulled wine wasn't helping. Then the angel had disappeared, alluding to some mysterious kind of present being kept upstairs. He had been fetching it now for fifteen minutes.

"Bloody angel," he huffed.

At last, a voice that sounded both excited and trepidacious sounded from the stairs. "Are you ready, my dear?"

"Been bloody ready for the past fifteen minutes," Crowley answered.

"Now dear, don't be angry," the angel replied as he cautiously moved into the open.

Crowley's expression, once disgruntled, moved to a state of shock and wild lust as he gazed upon the angel, who was clad only in a rather conveniently placed red bow. "Wha...?" was all he could articulate.

Aziraphale looked quite pleased with himself. "Merry Christmas, Crowley," were the only words he managed before the demon pounced.



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