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The Good Omens Library: A Nice and Accurate Stories Archive 

Welcome Good Omens authors one and all! You have reached "The Good Omens Library", an archive constructed especially for the fandom you know and love. Here you can post stories, drabbles, ficlets, poems, essays, and/or anything else that comprises a bunch of words and letters in strategic order so as to qualify as Good Omens' omeny goodness.



This archive was imported in cooperation with the Open Doors Committee beginning July 2013.


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This collection contains fanfiction from The Good Omens Library, and serves as an archive for that site.

If you are an author whose stories have been imported from original Library site, you can 'claim' them here through an AO3 account. If there is trouble in claiming due to email or pseudonym changes from the time of posting on GO Library, please contact Support for help resolving the issue.

An author can remove their stories from the collection if they want. If the version the version at the GO Library is deleted, the redirect from there will break. If your story is already on AO3 but you want to keep the redirect from the GO Library as well, you should keep both versions on AO3.

Contact with any questions.