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Forms Of Love

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Sheriff Stilinski/Melissa McCall


based on your prompt "they all get together because of the "darkness" on their souls and they seek comfort from each other."

Your Company Was Just What I Needed Tonight


based on your prompt " where they are just good friends, I especially love to see Lydia sassing Stiles back because a) he deservers it and b) I find it hilarious how annoyed he gets". So basically Lydia/Stiles are great friends, but Lydia loves winding Stiles up because like you mithborien , she finds it entertaining watching him get annoyed by it.

"Oh My God Lydia why do you keep...wait a second, are you doing this on purpose?"


An AU where Cora falls into a coma after ingesting wolfsbane and is slowly dying. Deaton gives Stiles a drug that puts him into a false coma and allows him to delve into Cora's mind/dreams, but it only lasts for 12 hours, so Stiles must race against time to save her.