Sherlockmas Fanworks Community

Works created for fests, challenges, and exchanges hosted by Sherlockmas, a BBC Sherlock fanworks community at LJ.

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About Sherlockmas Fanworks Community (Sherlockmas)

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If you've created a work for a sherlockmas challenge, fest, or exchange please feel free to add it to the appropriate collection! (Please add works to the individual collection in which you participated, and not to the parent collection.)



What is 'sherlockmas'?

Sherlockmas began in 2010 as a holiday gift exchange for fans of BBC's Sherlock, and has since grown to include other fests and challenges.

What works may be posted here?

Anything created for a sherlockmas event can be housed here!

Do I need permission to post my work?

No! Feel free to add away. However, any work that was not created specifically for a sherlockmas event will be removed by the mods.



1. Works must have been created for, and posted during, an official sherlockmas event.
2. Please include your work in the collection named for the event it was created for.
3. Any necessary warnings should be included as an author's note at the beginning of the story. Alternately, authors may "Choose Not to Warn" per AO3's official warning system.