May The 4th Be With You Star Wars Fanwork Exchange 2016

The 2016 May the 4th Be With You Star Wars Fanwork Exchange.

(Closed, Unmoderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

About May The 4th Be With You Star Wars Fanwork Exchange 2016 (MayThe4thBeWithYou2016)

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1. What is this?

MayThe4thBeWithYou is a low-pressure Star Wars themed fanworks exchange, running from February 1st to May 4th. The exchange is based on the same principle as Parallels and Yuletide. Fanworks may revolve around characters from any of the Star Wars theatrical releases, defined as the Original Trilogy, the Prequel Trilogy, and The Force Awakens. Participants who sign up agree to write a story of no less than 500 words, or to create a piece of fan art no smaller than 500 x 500 pixels that can stand as a completed work, in exchange for receiving one story or one piece of fan art.

2. Who can participate?

Anyone who signs up. You can't sign up using pseuds from the same account. If you intend to write under multiple sock accounts, please recognize you will be expected to produce at least one fanwork for each signup.

3. What can I nominate?

The tag set nominations will be based on characters from the films. You may nominate up to 20 pairings, moresomes, friendships, or individual characters. For example, you can nominate 'Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan,' 'Han & Chewbacca,' 'Han/Luke/Leia,' 'BB-8,' and 'Lando/Phasma' for five separate nominations slots.

4. What are the rules for requests and offers?

Participants can request three to six selections from the nominations list. You must offer at least four and up to ten characters AND relationships from the nominations list. Requests will come with a request box in which you can leave prompts and ideas, as well as list specific Do Not Wants (i.e. non-con, kidfic, Ewoks). You must select whether you want to offer and receive fic, art, or either.

Letters are optional but encouraged for going into greater detail about your requests. Placeholder letters are discouraged; at a minimum you should be able to copy and paste the requests from your sign up and go into further detail later. Any letters that have not been written, unlocked, or updated by March 6th will not be included in the letters spreadsheet.

5. What are the minimum requirements?

After assignments are sent out, you must write a story of at least 500 words, or create a piece of fan art of a resolution of at least 500 x 500 pixels not drawn on lined notebook paper. The fanwork you create must be focused on the character, characters, or relationship in the request. The optional details in the request box are optional, however we ask that you respect listed Do Not Wants.

To fill the assignment, click the button beside your assignment in your list from your AO3 dashboard sidebar. Fill in the boxes, including any site-specific warnings as needed, and post. Works will be viewable from your Statistics page and your Works in Collections page, but invisible to anyone else until after reveals. Redating your work (changing the Posted Date) to the May 4th reveal date is fine. Editing your work after the deadline is fine but please don't upload unfinished works which can't stand on their own.

6. What's the timeline?

Dates and times will generally be 00:01 AM UTC.

Feb 1 - 10: Nominations
Feb 11 - 13: Tag set clean-up and last minute discussion
Feb 14 - 21: Sign ups
Feb 22 - 28: Matching and assignments go out
Apr 1: Early default deadline, all requests go live, treat archive opens for submissions
Apr 22: Assignments due
Apr 23 - 24: Pinch hits go out
May 1: Pinch hits due
May 2 - 3: Last minute scrambling and panic
May 4: Works go live
May 8: Archive closes and creators revealed

7. What about treats?

Yes, please! We will open a separate sub-archive for extra treats. Extras should fill a stated request for the recipient, and should respect any Do Not Wants, but otherwise don't have to meet the minimum word count or picture size. Drabbles are encouraged unless they are listed as a DNW by your recipient. Quick line drawings are fine unless they are listed as a DNW. Epic works of art and fiction are more than welcome unless your recipient says they're not. Please place all treats, even the big ones, in the second archive.

8. I want to nominate characters from the EU / the Christmas Special / The Clone Wars / KOTOR / the TFA novelization. Can I request those?

Not this year, sorry. If the fest is successful, we'd like to bring on more mods who are familiar enough with other properties next time. What you can do is add to your letter or optional details field that you are open to cameos from characters in other parts of the SW universe. Please don't request Luke Skywalker and have your entire prompt be about him dating Ezra Bridger, but you can talk about the different characters you'd like to see Luke interacting with and include Matt the Radar Technician or Mara Jade along with the rest.

9. Anything else?

Please only sign up if you are sure you can meet the deadlines. Defaulting is easy. There is a button right beside your listed assignment, and we would prefer you default early rather than leave us scrambling to find a pinch hitter at the last minute. However, we all know that one fan who signs up every year for the same exchanges and drops out without warning because real life always gets in the way. If that's you, consider treating instead.

Please don't talk about your assignment in namespace before reveals. If you have a problem with what you were assigned because you didn't offer it, please contact asap. If you don't like what you were assigned but you offered those characters during sign ups, do like everyone else does and go complain on FFA and yuletide_coal.

Please do comment on your gift even if you default. A simple "thanks" is better than nothing at all. If there's an explicit Do Not Want in your gift, please contact the mods.

Please avoid character bashing, kinkshaming, and ship wars in your sign up and when creating your fanworks. This is supposed to be fun for everyone. Try to abide by the "be excellent to each other" credo, or at minimum, the "don't be a dick" standard.

10. Where can I find more information?

The official community is at Please watch there for updates. Additional places to watch:
Twitter: @maythe4th_comm