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This year there are some changes as to how the bang will be run. I hope everyone will find the changes easier in the long run.

The Mag7BigBang Goal:
To write a Magnificent Seven story 15,000 words or over. Stories will be accompanied by either artwork or a fanmix. (I would like to guarantee artwork or a fanmix for all stories, but I can't do that at this stage without knowing how many artists and mixers are going to sign up. I guarantee that every writer will get at least one bonus feature to accompany their story, even if I have to mix it or illustrate it myself.)

Information for Artists:

Art can take whatever form you like, so long as your writer is able to display it along with their fic. In the past this has included photos of artwork and crafts, as well as scanned pictures and computer-aided design.

If you are creating a fanmix: Mixes must be between twelve and twenty songs long. Covers are
optional, but appreciated. A track list must be included. You can zip this up with your mix, but you must also include this as either a .txt file or in the body of your email when you send it in to the mods.

Mixes must be uploaded to either mediafire or megaupload, as other hosting sites tend to expire links.

If there are enough artists, I will allow double claiming for a fic. But only after all of the summaries have been claimed!



Are crossovers allowed?
Yep, crossovers are allowed. But the story must center around a character from this fandom. For example, if you have a crossover between this show and White Collar - your story cannot be about Neal Caffrey and how he meets a con artist named Ezra, but the other way around.

Are AU stories allowed?
Absolutely! As long as they're set in the Magnificent Seven fandom, as usual.

Can I write and sign up to make a mix and/or illustrate?
Yes, you absolutely can! As long as it's not for your own story.

Can I write with a co-writer?
Yes, you can! The collaborative word count minimum is still 15,000 words.

Can I write a Big Bang on my own, and co-author a Big Bang with someone else?
Yes, you can! I admire and salute (and slightly fear) all such intrepid souls. Just sign up for them both in separate comments.

Can I opt out of receiving art or a mix for my story?
No. Magnificent Seven Big Bang is a collaborative effort between artists and mixers and writers.

Can I write a sequel to a Big Bang I wrote in 2010?

What if I want to post my own graphics with my story?
That's fine! However, your summary will not be eligible for claiming by artists. You should state this explicitly when it comes to handing in your first draft.

Can I post my Big Bang friends-locked?

Do I get a confirmation that I have been accepted into the challenge?
No, I don't reply to sign-up comments. As long as you can see yours appear on the page, you can
take it as confirmation that you are, in fact, signed up for Mag7 BB! You WILL get a information email when I receive your fic draft, though.

I claimed a fic to mix/make art for, but haven't gotten my e-mail yet! How long will it be before the draft gets here and I can start working?
We send out drafts as soon as we process the claims comments. There's really no rhyme or reason
to it – sometimes you'll get yours within minutes because a mod is already online, logged into the inbox and has the spreadsheet open when you post. Sometimes it will take an hour, or several, or half a day or more because we are all out frolicking through fields of daisies. If you've been waiting for more than 24 hours, it might be a good idea to send us an e-mail to make sure nothing got lost in the shuffle. Don't worry, though: we will comment in reply to confirm your claim (or ask you to change it if it's already taken) and we will get back to you if your e-mail address comes back an error, so, generally speaking, there's not much that could go wrong here.

I haven't gotten the e-mail with my mix/art and my posting date yet!
Don't fret, and please bear with us; it takes us days to compile all the stuff we need to send you and then get it out. I send out e-mails by posting schedule, so the people we have penciled in for early posting dates will get theirs a lot sooner than someone who's posting during the last week. Just be on the lookout, check your spam folders regularly, and watch the community for updates – we will keep y'all in the loop about how things are progressing. Don't worry too hard about potentially missing your assigned posting date; if we have already sent you an e-mail and you do not reply in a timely fashion to confirm, we will totally start following you all over the internet to make sure you got it.

My friend made some art/a mix to go with my story! I can include that when I post to the comm, right?
I want to give your Big Bang mixer and/or artist a chance to shine. Please don't include links to ANY extras for the story that were made outside the challenge in the community header post, and I would really like it if you held off on posting them altogether, even to your own journal, for at least a week.

What about cross-posting and advertising my fic on comms?
Please don't do that until Big Bang posting has officially ended!

Who posts the mix(es) and art that were created for a story?
The writer does, in their own personal journal. I do it this way because trying to find a posting date that will work for a writer and their mixer and their artist, times the number of writers we have, is a logistical nightmare. That's not even mentioning the fact that these individual posts would have to go up at the same time of day. If you have strong preferences otherwise, send us an e-mail.

I'm an artist - can my artwork be included in the body of the story I'm illustrating, rather than a separate post?
If your writer is fine with that, yes, but once you have submitted your art to the mods, you will need to work out the details of inline art yourselves. We ask that art gets a separate post so that people remember to feedback the art, even if your art has been posted within the story.

A note about contacting the mods:
Sometimes emails from get lost in people's spam folders. If you're waiting for something from me, please check there before contacting me again. The best way to contact me is by PMing me in livejournal: sparrowsverse.

A note about dropping out:
If you are wanting to drop out a post before the first draft is due will be put up in the comm and you can comment there.



Please keep the following in mind as you work on your stories/art:

*Ensure that your work doesn't perpetuate oppressive, discriminatory tropes and attitudes.
*Don't exploit other people's tragedies or cultures in your work.
*Please research before writing about places and peoples with which you're only vaguely familiar.

We believe that fanfiction authors should apply warnings and labels to their writing.

Unfortunately, there are many things that might be potentially triggering for your readers. It is unrealistic to expect from a writer to warn for every such event; however, there are certain triggers writers often warn for. We therefore recommend warning for the following:

- abuse (child/domestic)
- rape/non-con/dub-con
- incest
- substance abuse
- graphic violence
- character death

We also recommend labeling your stories; i.e. marking the content in such a way as to help the reader decide if they want to read the story. Labels may include:

- genre: gen, het, slash
- pairing: two or more
- a kink

Use your own discretion for rating - either the usual movie rating, or the fan rating system.

When posting your story, please use the following format:

Various labels:
Word Count:
Author’s Note:


Rules for Authors

» Your story must have a minimum length of 15,000 words.
» You can only write a story or create art, not both.
» All genres are accepted; OW, ATF, slash, het, gen, AU, femslash, etc.
» Your story must center around 1 or more characters from The Magnificent Seven.
» Crossovers are ok, but the story must center around a character from this canon.
» Ensure that your work doesn't perpetuate oppressive, discriminatory tropes and attitudes.
» Don't exploit other people's tragedies or cultures in your work.
» Please research before writing about places and peoples with which you're only vaguely familiar.
» Stories will be posted to the community, thus they will be made public and open to public comments, please make sure your stories are appropriately labled and have full disclaimers.
» Please send your stories to: and title the subject with your author name and title of story. When sending the story, please make it ‘.doc’ format from WORD. If you are unable to, ‘.rtf’ is also acceptable.
» After your story has been posted on the mag7bigbang community, you may post the story elsewhere. Your own lj, other story archives, other communities, etc.

Rules for Artists/Vidders

» You need to create at least 1 piece of artwork or fanvid to accompany a story.
» You cannot create art and write a story - please choose one or the other.
» The art can be of any kind; manip, cover art, drawing, original illustration, etc.
» Your art/vid can be any rating, but discuss this with your author before posting.
» Ensure that your work doesn't perpetuate oppressive, discriminatory tropes and attitudes.
» Don't exploit other people's tragedies or cultures in your work.
» After your art/vid has been posted on the mag7bigbang community, you may post the art/vid elsewhere. Your own lj, other communities, etc.
» Questions or concerns can be posted on a separate post here.