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Welcome to Kingsman: Summer Knights! In honor of the DVD release, this is a fic and art exchange running through the English summer.

Info/Updates, Discussion and Pinch Hits (should we need them) will be found on DW -



This is a single-fandom, hand-matched exchange. All characters from the Kingsman movie are eligible to request. By signing up, you are agreeing to create a story or picture for someone else, and receive a story or picture in return.


In your signup, AO3 fields will allow you to specify characters offered/requested. In the Description box, you'll need to include the following information:

Relationships you want to receive (can include both gen (&) and ships (/)): list two or more options
Do you want to receive fic, art, or both?
Themes, genres, tropes you enjoy receiving:
Themes, genres, tropes you want to avoid receiving:
Prompts or Scenarios:
--these are optional, but often very helpful to your creator!
--if you're requesting art, include a few art prompts
--please give equal time to all the relationships/interactions you're requesting – don't prioritise one over the others, you don't know which one your creator matched you on!

Relationships you are happy to write (can include both gen (&) and ships (/)): list two or more options
Are you offering fic, art, or both?
Themes, genres, tropes you enjoy creating for:
Themes, genres, tropes you do not want to create for:
Anything else Mod should know:


On Letters: Since this exchange is hand-matched, please include all information in your signup itself, rather than in a supplemental letter.



Fic must be 1000 words or more, complete, and meet one of your recipient's character/pairing requests. Art for this exchange includes traditional or digital media, and must be an original finished image.

Do please respect your recipient's likes and dislikes. Prompts/Scenarios are general guidelines and do not need to be matched exactly.

Mods are contactable via email ( or on DW (