Koe’s House of Recommended Slash Fiction

Welcome to Koe's recommended slash fiction archive. Most stories are in English and written for mature audiences, and fanfiction and original fiction are recommended side-by-side. All of the bookmarked stories are available for free, and they come as short stories and novels, series, comics and audio-books.

Subcollections/Room plan
1. The Entrance – A humorous introduction to slash fiction.
2. The Cosy Kitchen – Stories that love daylight. There might be surprises in the corners, but the stories should all leave you smiling.
3. The Alternative Living Room – Where alternative living plays a big role in the stories’ universes.
4. The Tool Shed For Hard Types – Tough stories for tough readers.
5. The Bathroom With Glaring Lights – The place to go to for angsty introspection.
6. The Bedroom – Guest recs. Submit your recs here!
7. The Tower With The Spiraling Staircase – Enter fairy wonderland and enjoy a journey into pure escapism.
8. and of course - The Locked Room In The Basement – Where nobody can hear you scream…



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