InShipping 2015: Forbidden Families


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InShipping is a gift exchange that focuses on incest ships. Gifts are a piece of fiction, a piece of art, or a podfic featuring at least one requested ship. If you have any unanswered questions about this gift exchange, you may ask them at the current Rules and FAQs entry in the main comm. The main comm can be found Here.




About InShipping

InShipping is a gift exchange that focuses on incest ships. Gifts are a piece of fiction, a piece of art, or a podfic featuring at least one requested ship.

What kind of fandoms are eligible to be nominated?
All fandoms, big or small, can be nominated for this gift exchange!

What kind of ships are eligible to be nominated?
An eligible ship has to contain incest. Ships can contain people of any gender, either in a pairing or in a threesome. Same-generation, cross-generational, and mixed-generation ships are all eligible. Here are some relevant clarifications:

  • Pairings: If the pairing is incest it's eligible for nomination.
  • Threesomes: Threesomes are the largest ship size that can be nominated (larger ships can be requested in optional details). Threesomes can contain three characters who are all related or be an 'Incest+' threesome - where two of the people are related, but one is not.
  • RPF: Contemporary individuals must be over the age of 18 (this does not apply to Historical RPF). Non-famous family members are not eligible for nomination.
  • Selfcest: Any character with canon alternate versions of themselves (The Doctor from Doctor Who or Mirror Spock from Star Trek), or who has canonical clones (Roy Harper from DCU or Jango Fett from Star Wars), or is able to canonically produce clones of themselves at will (Loki from Marvel or Uzumaki Naruto from Naruto) are eligible to be nominated for selfcest. Different time-period versions of the same character are allowed for selfcest ships (Pre-Serum Steve Rogers/Post-Serum Steve Rogers from Marvel). Multiple personages or identities in a single body are not eligible for selfcest (Yami Bakura/Ryou Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh!).
  • Crossovers: Crossovers are not eligible for nomination.
  • Original Works: Ships of original works are also eligible - they must be nominated in the format 'Character Type - Relation' as in 'Hunter Brother/Vampire Sister' and 'Superhero Son/Sidekick Non-relative/Super-villain Father'. If they are not nominated in this way they will be rejected.
  • Non-Original Works original characters: OCs can appear in fanfictions and fanarts, but can not be nominated as part of the main ship.

What is classified as incest for this exchange?
Anyone who is related by blood and/or views themselves as family qualifies as incest for this exchange. Selfcest is also eligible.

What are the gift minimums for this exchange?
Written work or podfic must be a minimum of 500 words. Art must be at a nice sketch-like state, on non-lined paper - art can only be computer or hand-drawn. Manips, icons, banners, gifs, wallpapers, videos, and other works are not to be given as main gifts, but can be given as extras or treats.

What are the gift maximums for this exchange?
None. You just have to turn in a complete gift by the deadline.

Are treats allowed for this exchange?
Yes! Anyone can make treats for this exchange.

Can gifts contain explicit material?
As long as that doesn't interfere with your match's 'Do Not Wants'.

Do gifts have to contain explicit material?
Porny gifts are not required! Focus of the work should be on the ship, however.

Do I have to respect my match's 'Do Not Wants'?
Yes, you do. Unless they try to sneak in a DNW for incest. If you see something like this, please contact me.

Can I list incest as a 'Do Not Want'?
No. That is something that is not in the spirit of this exchange. You can request Non-Related AUs as one of your optional details, but your match does not have to follow those.

Can I gift someone Non-Related AU if they haven't specifically asked for it in their optional details?
No. Again, that is not something in the spirit of this exchange.

Do I have to follow my match's prompts?
No, you don't. Optional details are optional.

Can non-incest ships appear at all in gifts?
It should not be the focus, however for background ships this is fine.

What are nomination limits?
You can nominate four fandoms with four ships for each.

What are requesting limits?
3-10 requests, each with one fandom, 1-10 ships, and a choice of fiction, art, or either.

What are offering limits?
3-10 offers, each with one fandom, 1-10 ships, and a choice of fiction, art, or either.

What are matching requirements?
You match on a minimum of one fandom, one ship, and one medium.

Can I edit my gift after the deadline?
Yes, you can edit it. But, you must still have a completed gift posted by the deadline.

What if I can't finish?
Then you can default. The sooner you default the better. If you default and the person assigned to you defaults then you will not be sent to the pinch hit list. There is no penalty for defaulting.

What are pinch hits?
Pinch hits are assignments for either people that were not initially matchable or whose writers defaulted. Pinch hits are posted to the Pinch Hit List, where they can be claimed by anyone with an AO3 account. Pinch Hitters simply comment with their AO3 username to the pinch hit they wish to fill. Pinch hits are first come first serve.

What happens if I am not giving anything anyone else is asking for?
Then I contact you about seeing if there is anything else you can offer. If you do not reply or there is nothing else you can offer then I will unfortunately have to delete your signup.

What if I'm not asking for anything anyone is willing to give?
Then you will go on the initial unmatched pinch hits list. If you do not receive a gift by reveal time, you will be asked to reevaluate what you wish to receive. If you don't want anything but your original requests, reveals will go on, but I will personally attempt to create you a gift. If I am unfamiliar with your fandoms this may take time, especially if they are obscure. So please, be patient.

I have a question about this exchange, where can I ask you about it?
You can leave a comment here and I'll answer any questions you may have.