I Need My Fics 2014

The multi-fandom fanfiction exchange, 2014 edition.

(Closed, Unmoderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

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a multi-fandom fanfiction exchange
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Our LJ community is mirrored at Dreamwidth. Please follow whichever you prefer.



How do I participate?
This challenge is open to all members of the Archive of Our Own during the active sign-up period. Once the fandom nomination period is over, sign-ups open. Understand that by signing up, you will be matched to someone else whose fandom interests match yours and you are committing to writing them a story at least 1000 words in length by the submission deadline.

What fandoms can I nominate?
Any and all fandoms are allowed, so long as they're in the realm of television, movies, published books, published comic books, web comics, video games, anime, or published manga and listed on AO3. No fanfiction-only, music-only, advertising-only, anthropomorphic, or RPF fandoms are allowed. The more popular the fandom, the more likely you are to get a match. That doesn't mean that we discourage small or largely inactive fandoms! We're always pleasantly surprised at the number of people fascinated by the smaller as well as the larger fandoms.

What kind of stories are allowed?
Any kind of story is allowed. Gen, het, slash, canon pairings, non-canon parings, no pairings at all. Crossover requests are allowed, but since we match only by fandom and rating, please request three to four primary preferred fandoms. If you'd like a crossover, suggest it in the request description, but understand that we may not be able to fill the crossover request directly. (For example, three fandoms requested might be Merlin, Falling Skies, and Animaniacs. Those would be your primary fandoms, and in the notes you might suggest "I would love a crossover between Merlin and Animaniacs.")

Do I have to write everything that my recipient requested?
You shouldn't be given an assignment that doesn't match at least one of your offered fandoms. You do have to choose from one of your recipient's prompts. Beyond this requirement, the request for content is a guideline. For instance, if your recipient requests something that takes place in a bowling alley but you're uncomfortable with that setting, write their requested characters elsewhere.

If you have questions about your assigned prompt(s) and would like more information, please let us know. To retain anonymity, we will act as go-between and ask your recipient your question(s) in a way that guarantees they won't know which prompt of theirs you're writing.

My recipient requested a rating of Explicit, but I'm only comfortable writing up to Teen and Up Audiences. What do I do?
All requested ratings are upper-level ratings. That means they include a story up to or including that level. If your recipient requests Explicit that means you can write General Audiences, Teen and Up Audiences, Mature, or Explicit.

My recipient requested a rating of Teen and Up Audiences, but I want to write Explicit. Can I?
No. Your recipient might be underage, or they might simply be uncomfortable reading something of a more mature nature. If they request Teen and Up Audiences, that's as mature a rating as you're allowed to write.

How do I submit my story?
Once your story has been beta-read, simply post it to that year's AO3 I Need My Fics collection. The easiest way is to go to your assignment on AO3 and select "fulfill."

What if I send you my story and realize I've made a mistake?
D'oh! Lucky you! You can edit your story until it's revealed.

How long does my story have to be? Is there a maximum length?
There's no maximum length for a story, but it has to be at least 1000 words long. You can check the word count on AO3 when you submit your story. Please don't skimp on length. If your story's not 1000 words long, we won't accept it.

I have to drop out of the fic exchange. How do I do that?
If you want to drop out before you receive your assignment, notify the mods at ineedmyfics@gmail.com. If you need to drop out after you receive your assignment, click on the Default button on your assignment page. You can drop out before the signup period ends without penalty, but dropping out once assignments have gone out will result in being banned from participating in this fic exchange for one year. If you simply never submit a story and don't let us know you don't plan on submitting one, you will be banned from participating in all future I Need My Fics exchanges.

Is there a way to get unbanned?
Yes. If you've only defaulted once before, you can be unbanned. You'll need to write and post a fic of at least 1000 words from the request summary before fandom nominations open for the next round of I Need My Fics. Once your story is posted to that year's I Need My Fics collection on AO3, you must email the mods and let us know your fic is complete. After that, you'll be eligible to join the exchange in subsequent years.

I don't want to write, but I want to help. What can I do?
You can volunteer to be a beta reader (LiveJournal) (Dreamwidth)!

Do you use pinch hitters?
Yes! You can volunteer to be a pinch hitter (Livejournal) (Dreamwidth)!

Can I submit a work in progress?
As long as it hasn't been published anywhere else and it fits the prompt, that's fine. However, remember that this exchange is anonymous, so anything that's had any sort of an audience is not allowed.

When do I get my assignment?
After the signup period, after everyone's been matched.

I hate my assignment. What do I do?
Grin and bear it. Only volunteer to write canons you want to write. If you feel you've been assigned something erroneously, contact the mods right away and we'll see if we can't put things right. Occasionally, mistakes are made although we strive for perfection.

I like all of the canons and prompts given by my author! How can I pick just one?
While you're only required to write one of your recipient's stories, you can write as many as you like.

I changed my mind on what canon I want, but I've already made my request. Can I change it?
If the signup period is still open, yes, just edit your signup request. Once the signup period is over, you can't change your request.

I don't like the story I got. What do I do?
Know that someone worked hard to meet your request. Even if it's not to your liking, they deserve your thanks for pounding out 1000 words. Be gracious and try not to complain publicly.

What if I submit a request and no writer or recipient matches any of my fandoms?
At the end of the signup period, we'll match all authors with requests. If there are some that can't be filled, we'll ask for volunteers to write in those fandoms. Remember, the less obscure the fandom, the more likely you are to get matches for it. Before signups close, check the collection to see what's been requested and offered. If your choices aren't represented, you should consider revising your signup. In the unlikely event that we can't make a match and have no volunteers, we will ask you to revise your signup. Should you choose not to, you may withdraw from the exchange.

What if I have a question that's not answered here?
Email your question to the mods at ineedmyfics@gmail.com.



First and foremost, please read all the rules and the FAQ carefully before signing up. If you have questions you may email the mods at ineedmyfics@gmail.com.

Understand that you are signing up for a fiction exchange. This means that you get to request a story in exchange for writing a story. You can't just request to have one written for you, as nice as that might be, and not give something back. If you can't write a story in exchange, please don't sign up. If you say you'll write something in exchange and don't, you won't be allowed to participate in future exchanges.

- This exchange is open to all writers age 14 and above. Writers below age 18 may not request or write anything with a rating of Mature or Explicit.

- All stories submitted must be at least 1000 words in length. Your submission's word count will be checked. If it falls under the minimum word count, we will ask you to meet the minimum. If you don't meet the minimum word count by the due date, your assignment will go out to a pinch hitter and you will be considered in default.

- You may not request a story featuring original characters. Canon characters only, please.

- All fandoms from the realm of books, tv, movies, manga, video games, anime, or comic books are eligible as long as they're listed on AO3. We do not allow RPF, advertising, or music-only canons in this challenge. You must request at least three fandoms and may add a fourth; that gives the best chance of a match.

- Please have your story beta-read before submitting it. We won't be editing or proofreading your stories, so be sure it's what you want to see posted.

- Please refrain from posting your story anywhere else (your journal, any archive site, a friend's journal, the New York Times, etc.) until the stories have been revealed. Once that happens you're free to post your fic wherever you like.