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Day 10: Hey Asshole, It's Christmas

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Puck is lying on the couch, trying to decide if he dislikes the show on the television enough to bother changing it, when his phone chimes with an incoming text from Finn.

What size are you?

Puck laughs out loud and immediately types back 12 inches.

That’s bigger than I remember, Finn texts back, quickly followed by a second text. I mean shirt size, asshole.

Puck shakes his head at the phone. I told you I wanted sex toys. Guess you need a refresher. Puck hasn’t sent any pictures to Finn at McKinley or even in class for a bit, but the mall isn’t either of those places, so Puck sends another text. Need a picture?

If you’ve already got one, why do I need to buy you another one just like it? Finn replies.

Puck laughs again and slides his sweatpants down before snapping a picture. You’re gonna buy me a second cock? he texts with the picture. Or would that be a gift for you?

Finn’s reply is only a few seconds behind. Maybe I’ll just buy a santa hat for the one you’ve already got.

You’d have to sit on it and tell me what you want for Christmas Puck sends back.

Yeah, you wish

Puck shrugs even though Finn can’t see him. Okay buy one for your cock and I’ll sit on it then he types back quickly.

Stop sexting me, I’m xmas shopping!

You’ve got to let me sext you SOMEWHERE Puck shoots back. You could buy yourself a dorky holiday tie and then fuck me

Finn doesn’t text back right away. Ten minutes pass before the reply text arrives. How holiday are we talking?

Puck frowns at the phone before responding. No batteries required for the tie. Battery operated sex toy is okay tho

Another several minutes pass before the next text, which is just a picture of part of a tie. The picture is slightly out of focus, but the tie might have Christmas trees on it.

Not dorky enough is what Puck sends back.

Sorry, that pic was too close up, Finn replies, and then Puck’s phone receives another text, this time very obviously a picture of the Christmas tree tie as worn by Finn’s cock.

Puck laughs out loud again. And tied onto a dork? he sends back along with a winking smiley. It might do. You could always get one for Xmas and one for Xmas eve.

Glad you like it, since I have to buy it now, Finn texts. It’s been on my dick.

Is that a sign in the dressing room? Puck replies. If it touches your dick it’s yours?

That’s how I got you

Puck grins at his phone. Like a puppy he sends back a few minutes later. But you wear the collars.

Collars and ties, Finn texts back.

Puck takes his sweatpants completely off, then pulls his t-shirt over his head before snapping another picture of himself and sending it. Since you’ve touched my dick before you should get back here he types out. All the good sex toys are online anyway.

Finn texts a smiley face, and then I always liked online shopping better.

And you can do it naked Puck sends with his own smiley.

Leaving the mall as soon as I pay for this tie!

Puck grins and moves from the couch to the bed to stretch out. It’s not that far from the mall back to the dorm room, after all.