Broadway Gift Exchange

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A gift exchange for anyone with a fandom under the Broadway umbrella.

(Open, Moderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

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Welcome to the Broadway Gift Exchange, an exchange for all Broadway fans! Whether you like the classics such as Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera, the more obscure stuff like Jekyll and Hyde or Fiddler on the Roof, or are a fan of the more modern things like Hamilton, this is the collection for you! Sign up throughout the month of February. Assignments will be given in March. All musical fandoms are welcome. Please list any and all that you are in - if you only sign up for one, that's fine, but if it's a more obscure show and that's the only one you put down, I may not be able to find anyone for you.

When you receive your assignment, do not just write what you want to for that fandom. For example, if you sign up to write Wicked, don't write an Elphaba/Glinda fic unless the person mentions that in their prompt. To make it easier for the person assigned to write for you, try to give an idea of a couple of relationships and characters that you like. This may mean you have to give a longer prompt than for most gift exchange, as you should say something about every fandom you are in. Additionally, please do not write smut or heavy violence for this collection.

This is not a Broadway RPF collection - it's for the musicals and plays on Broadway that we've come to love, not the actors involved in them. You do not have to have seen the show on Broadway or even in local theater to write fic for it. Watching a movie adaptation or listening to the soundtrack still qualifies you for this collection.



Q: How do I lay out my prompt?
A: However you want. You can list all the shows you've signed up for with a colon and then list all your ships, or you can go into full paragraphs about how much you love Lams and how much you want a Lams, if you do like Lams a lot that is. Whatever works for you.

Q: What shows are allowed on here?
A: Any show that has been on Broadway is acceptable in this collection.

Q: Is there a rating limit?
A: No, but there should not be smut or extreme violence posted.

Q: What if I only am familiar with one show?
A: Then only sign up for that one show. No pressure, friend. ;)

Q: What if the only show I sign up for is obscure or no one has signed up for it?
A: If I can't find someone to write it, I'll listen to it myself and write it for you. If there are two people with obscure shows, though, you're out of luck.

Q: Can I write a mash-up?
A: It's hard to know if the person you are writing for would want that. If they mention that in their prompt (unlikely) then go ahead, but otherwise.

Q: What if I am giving a pairing I don't want to write for?
A: Then you can interpret it as gen or put it in the background, but try to write something that will make the other person happy.



1. All Broadway shows welcome, no matter if they were on Broadway in 2016 or 1950.
2. No RPF, smut, or strong violence.
3. List all the shows you would be interested in writing for/receiving in the fandoms section of your sign up.
4. Sign-ups close March 1st. Stories are due March 19th and will be revealed March 20th.
5. No bashing of other people's ships or fandoms.