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Crazy Love

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“Chad slow down!” I called out half-heartedly chasing down my blonde friend.


The cool winter air blew against my face and I shivered pulling my coat tighter against him as he chased after his friend through the park. In order to get to Brad’s Bagels we needed to cross through the park it was the only way to get there from school. Chad let out a breathy laugh as he sprinted ahead taking longer strides each time he heard my wail of protest to slow down. The freshly fallen snow cracked beneath my feet and I smiled savoring the special moment of Chad and I running through the park just like old times. It had taken some time for me to open up to people after I was let out of the hospital and brought back to Texas to stay with my mom instead of being in the dorms and I knew it broke Chad’s heart from when he first went to me.



“Jared?” Chad called softly pushing open the heavy wooden door of the hospital room, “Jay-Bird?”


His eyes landed on a figure in the bed and he let out a soft gasp taking in the image before him. A pale sickly looking creature lay there resembled a skeleton more than a human. The creature stared out at Chad with dead lifeless hazel eyes encompassed in purple shadows that looked like bruises compared to the pale skin. Various machines were beeping and the blonde cringed at the sight of an IV sticking out of a thin stick-like arm. His eyes roamed and landed on the creature’s other arm that was bundles up tight in a caste and long with the side of his body where it was obvious at least three ribs had been broken. A trembling hand slowly reached out and gave a weak excuse of a flick beckoning the blonde forward and the latter obliged.


The room was silent except for the squeaks of his shoes and the shallow wheezing breaths of the person on the bed. Chad came to a stop and stared down into those broken dull eyes and he felt his chest tighten. This was without a doubt his best friend Jared. The lively boy whom he had grown up with, who never let a bully’s harsh names get him down, the boy who always had a smile on his beautiful face. But now that smile was gone, there wasn’t the least bit trace of it now and it shook Andreas to the core. In one aspect he had gotten back his best friend, yes physically, but also had lost him.


“Chad?” A soft hoarse voice whispered, “Chaddie what’s wrong?”


Chad bit his lip as he felt a wave of emotion come over him. A mixture of anger and sadness were in his eyes as Jared stared up confused at him. How could someone want to hurt such a beautiful surreal being like this until they were broken and battered, a mere memory of what they once were? Chad clenched his fists tight as he eyes scanned Jared’s broken form strewn across the bed barely alive. He had barely gotten any sleep in the months that Jared was gone and when he received word that he was in the hospital he was overjoyed that his friend had been found, only to panic again a few weeks later upon hearing that he had been kidnapped from the hospital. Chad had watched in terror the car chase from his television at home. The police had found Jared passed out by the channel with a broken arm and three broken ribs.


“J-Jay I…” Chad whispered whimpering when his tears began to fall.


“Chad don’t cry,” Jared pleaded as his hoarse voice broke mid-sentence making Chad only cry harder, “C-Chad please.”


“I’m sorry,” Chad whispered picking up his friend to look him in the eyes, “I’m sorry.”



“Come on catch me!” Chad laughed stopping by a tree and leaning against while he caught his breath, “Man I’ve gotta stop ditching gym.”
Chad’s POV.

The park was silent for a moment and I frowned no longer being able to hear the crunching snow of Jared’s footsteps. I scanned the barren park but couldn’t find any trace of my friend. Panic overtook me and I pushed off from the tree calling out Jared’s name. I received no answer and I continued to backtrack my path breaking into a run when I still couldn’t spot Jared.


“Jared!” I cried when I spotted my brunette friend standing in the middle of the path in front of a park bench. I breathed a sigh of relief and walked over to where my friend was standing stoically and clapped him on the shoulder asking what was wrong.


“Jay?” I panted sucking in the frigid winter air. Jared didn’t even look at me and continued to stare at the park bench with wide eyes, “W-what’s wrong? Why’d you stop? I’ll let you win this time… I promise.”


“What?” Jared gasped as his head shot up to meet my eyes, “What?”


“Um…” I stammered, “I said that I’ll let you win this time… I promise.”


Jared made a little strangled noise as he clutched his hands to his chest tightly squeezing his eyes shut in what looked like pain.


“Jay-Bird what’s the matter? Are you hurt?” Is asked wrapping my arms around my trembling friend, “Tell me what happened? Did you trip?”


“He made me a promise once,” Jared whispered still looking at the bench with weary eyes.


“Jared what are you talking about? Who made you a promise?” I asked concerned feeling his forehead. The boy had no fever.


“He promised that he would never leave me and no matter what he’d come and find me.” Jared whispered before looking at me with wide eyes. There was no fear in them or sadness just pure belief in that what he had said was the truth.

  I shook my head trying to figure out where this camr from and I looked across the street and there it was. The bar.

“Jared we shouldn’t have come this way come on,” I ordered setting off down the path again. The sound of crunching snow didn’t meet my ears and I frowned whirling around to face Jared again.


“I can still feel him watching me sometimes,” Jared whispered hugging himself, “He never stops.”


“Jared I said let’s go,” I growled yanking on his arm and pulling him along after me. Jared kept quiet the entire walk through the park letting me pull him until they made it the entrance and the bagel shop was in sight.


“You good?” I sighed finally releasing his arm.


“Yeah,” Jared sighed, “I don’t know what came over me.”


I gave him a weary look as if he might snap any moment and Jared huffed stalking off towards the shop, “Are you coming or not?”


Jared’s POV.

“Honey how was hanging out with Chad?” Sherri called as I slammed the front door shut and walked up the stairs to my room, “You guys were gone for awhile it’s dark out already.”


“Good.” I answered tossing my schoolbag to the side and throwing myself down on the bed.


“Are you still hungry we have leftovers in the freezer?” Mom called up the stairs.


“No.” I called back down.


“We have pasta your favorite!” She said in a singsong voice.


“No.” I called down again.


“… Are you sure honey?” She shouted, “It’s no big deal it’ll only take a second to heat up.”


“I said no!” I screamed kicking my feet, “What don’t you understand about no? No means no! Why doesn’t anyone get that! When I say no I mean NO!”


A silence fell over the house and I curled up in a ball instantly regretting my rash reaction to my mother. I could hear my mother’s footsteps shuffle away from the stairwell and I whimpered covering my head with my hands. The date on the calendar that hung across the room from my bed was taunting me and I trembled pulling the covers up over me not caring that I was still in my jeans. As of this day it had been a full year since Jensen had taken me, a full year since I bumped into him in the bar, a full year I had been anywhere near the building. I was on every drug imaginable one for my nervousness, one for my nightmares, one for my mental state, one to stabilize my moods, and now most recently one for body since I had started to refuse to eat. It wasn’t like me was failing all around as a person I still got straight A’s in school, hung out with my small amount of friends every Friday, and worked a job at the nearby book store. It was only the me that the outside world didn’t get to see that was failing. The me that Chad and mom watched suffer every single day.


After being released by the hospital I didn’t know how to cop at home. I felt that at any moment Jensen would show up and take me away again. All those weeks of therapy with Dr. Schmitt was shattered just by one simple kiss and murmur of ‘I love you’. I was struggling with an internal battle within myself of whether or not I really loved Jensen. One side of me still loved Jensen passionately reminding me of all the times he would do something sweet for me. On the contrary the other side, the one that came out when Dr. Schmitt was around, told me that Jensen was a monster and that I really didn’t love him. I knew that I couldn’t talk to anyone about this, not Sherri, not even Chad. Everyone was constantly watching my every move to make sure that I was okay, safe, or even still there. Everyone except the one pair of eyes that I had been longing to see forever.


Was it wrong to love a monster? To love someone that may be flawed on the outside but did have a good soul on the inside? I had made the mistake of asking my mother once and she blew up at me daring me to ask that question one more time. She brought up all of the things about Jensen made me cringe like how he kidnapped and killed tons of little boys, how he was a heartless crazed serial killer that cared for no one, or how he would beat me when I was taken. But even despite all of that I found that I could still overlook all of that simply because I knew Jensen better than anyone else. I knew the reasons behind Jensen’s behavior and actions I knew the pain and loneliness that he suffered. In my mind I really wasn’t the victim in this, Jensen was.


In the months after my return home the news and newspapers still had articles at least once a week about Jensen. I had made a major impact on the city and what really chilled people was only three days after the police found me at the river they had found hundreds of bodies in an abandon warehouse downtown all with Jensen’s signature cutout heart. To the city’s horror the police had been able to identify everybody as that of every child on the missing person’s report dating 7 years back. All of those parents that had been keeping their hopes for years that one day their child would be found were crushed. As sick as it was even the slightest mention of Jensen brought me a weird sense of warmth and I secretly collected every newspaper article mentioning Jensen keeping them tucked away in a shoe box in my closet. Twice Sherri had almost caught me but luckily my secret so far had stayed a secret.


“Jared I’m going to Mrs. Howard’s tonight for cards alright?” Mom called up the stairs, “Jay did you hear me?”


“Yes.” I shouted back hugging the sheets closer.


“I won’t be back until late tonight maybe early morning okay? Dinner is still in the freezer if you want it. I love you honey.” She called shutting the front door behind her.


“I love you too Mom.” I whispered even though she was long gone.


I pushed myself up from my bed and walked over to my vanity staring at the worn down looking reflection that stared back at me. It had been forever since I had done my usual nightly routine of looking in mirror to find my flaws. I heard the whispers in the hallways or the stares that I got as I went from class to class. I tried not to think much about it and even when my own teachers acted afraid it didn’t faze me. It was like the real me wasn’t there anymore.


“He took my heart,” I whispered to the mirror watching the reflection as tears ran down my face. I reached out a hand to wipe the tears of the boy in the mirror away but my hand merely met cool glass.


The sound of thunder made me jump as it began to rain outside and I sighed stripping off my clothes and preparing for bed. The rain was hitting against the window violently as I flicked off the lights and crawled into bed. The house was entirely silent and I could begin to feel sleep overtaking me. My eyes dropped heavier and heavier as lighting flashed in my window and I watched it with heavy lids. My eyes closed and I forced them back open for a moment only to catch a glimpse of a figure in the window. However when the lighting flashed again the figure was gone.


“What the fuck?” I cried as I shot up staring at the window with wide eyes. There was no one there but of course there was no one there, my eyes must have been playing tricks on me again. I sighed a little and fell back into bed telling myself to calm down.


The rain sounded soothing as it beat against the glass window and I sighed closing my eyes again and drifting into sleep.





I woke up to a hand being pressed over my mouth and I screamed bucking up only to realize that my attacker was straddling me. The room was still dark and I could barely make out anything let alone the face of my attacker and yet the calloused hand felt oddly familiar. I breathed in through my nose trying to get my eyes to adjust to the dark when a flash of lighting streaked through the window again illuminating the person.


“Jensen,” I breathed when the man pulled his hand away, “I-It’s not possible! It’s not!”


Within the last year Jensen had changed a lot, his hair that had been cut short and dyed light like the last time I had seen him was now sandy and shaggier his bangs hanging in his eyes. His build looked wider like he had been working out heavily and I watched in awe as the muscles in his arms flexed. In the span of a year Jensen had gone from looking like a twenty-something year old to looking like a full-grown man. The thought made me blush as I thought back on how I had barely changed that year, the transition from a 18 year old to a 19 year old barely noticeable.


Jensen smiled sweetly down at me and I didn’t know whether to scream or hug him. This was Jensen Ackles wanted for countless amounts of manslaughter and yet this was also Jen my friend, my soul mate, my lover. My breath hitched when Jensen hooked and hand behind my neck and gently pulled me to sit upright. We stared at each other for a moment unsure of what to exactly do next. Jensen eyes, the eyes that I had longed to look into for so long, where staring right at him. Light emerald green eyes full of warmth and love as they looked at me. Jensen was like a snake charmer and I was held captive by his gaze unable to look away or really even think as I watched Jensen with bated breath. When he smiled I felt as if my body had turned to jello and I watched curiously as Jensen reached into his back jean pocket. The sudden flash of a blade caught me off guard and I stumbled backwards on the bed trying to inch away from the gleaming knife.


“J-Jen p-please,” I whispered in a small voice as he advanced on me with a now blank expression on his face, “Jensen p-please… I-I love you!”


Jensen leaned down until his face was only centimeters from mine and I shivered as I felt Jensen wedge his knee between my spread legs. It was a position that I hadn’t been in forever and it brought back so many memories of me and Jensen. I didn’t even realize that I had begun to cry until Jensen tsked and carefully whipped away a few of my tears with a finger. Inside I was screaming, why did Jensen have to make this difficult if he was going to kill me then why not get it over quickly? I closed my eyes bracing myself for the blow when I felt a small prick across my wrist.


I gasped and my eyes shot open only to see Jensen huddled over me holding my bleeding wrist to his mouth. Jensen slowly stuck his tongue out, eyes never leaving mine, and lapped at the cut. I watched memorized as his pink tongue swirled around the cut sucking the blood up greedily sending shivers of pleasure down my spine.


“W-what are you doing?” I whispered although it came out more like a moan. Jensen smiled cheekily at me and dropped my wrist softly ghosting his fingers over the cut. A small droplet of blood hung on the corner of Jensen’s lip and his tongue darted out to capture it staring at me meaningfully.


“You’re mine.” Jensen said in a low sexy voice that made my teenage mind spin. I felt my heart stop at those words as I stared stunned at Jensen for a moment before springing up and throwing my arms around the man.


“You do care! I missed you!” I sobbed breaking into tears as I buried my face in his neck, “I thought you were dead. You are dead but you’re here.”


“If I was dead how could I be here?” Jensen chuckled lowly making me shiver. I let out another sob and wrapped my arms around his neck even tighter squishing their bodies together until they were a mass of tangled limps.


“You drove the car over the side of the bridge,” I whispered pulling away to look Jensen in the face, “I saw you in the car as it was sucked under… there’s no way…”


“Jay,” He whispered smirking at I shivered at the sound of my own name, “You of all people should know how. After all I’ve left quite the impression on you my little stalker.”


“W-what?” I asked with wide eyes thinking back to the shoebox full of newspaper articles, “How did you know?”


“When I was gone I wasn’t really ever gone.” Jensen smiled running and hand through my knotted hair.


“You’re speaking in riddles,” I whispered as my eyes fluttered shut under Jensen’s ministrations.


“Haven’t I always?” He smirked leaning down flicking out his tongue against my lips, “The police never did find a body.”


“Just like last time,” I whispered in realization as Jensen dove down to capture my pouty lips again.


I let out a breathy moan as Jensen crushed our bodies together for the first time in what felt like forever. I could already begin feel myself hardening from Jensen’s touches and I mewled arching up against the older man.


“Looks like someone hasn’t been laid in a year,” Jensen chuckled sucking powerfully on my neck.


I let out a moan and turned my head to side giving Jensen more access as I wrapped my long legs around his back bringing our bodies even closer. I was in pure ecstasy as Jensen ran his hands up and down my sides, each time hitching my flimsy nightshirt a little higher. Jensen’s hardness was pushing down into my thigh and I began to rub my knee up and down against it clinging to Jensen’s neck with my arms dipping my head back. The sensation was too much and I almost came when Jensen removed his mouth from my neck pressed our open mouths together again letting us share each other’s air.


“Only you,” I whispered in a strong tone, “No one else… only you.”


“God I missed this,” Jensen moaned rubbing himself on my thigh.


When he grounded down especially hard I let out a squeak. The noise made Jensen growl in approval and began to grab at my thin night shirt ripping it clear off. I let out a little huff as the shirt fell to the floor in tatters but didn’t think much of it when Jensen latched on to one of my tiny hard nipples teasingly. The heat between was like that of a furnace as we continued to grab at each other, our desperation obvious. When Jensen swirled his tongue around the nub he stopped for a moment experimentally licking it again as if unsure of something.


There it was again the distinct taste of metal.


“W-what?” I panted grabbing at Jensen’s long hair, “J-Jen why’d you stop?”


“Hmm,” Jensen mumbled licking my nipple again before latching on to the piercing there. I let out a little gasp as Jensen began to tug harshly on it gripping it with his teeth. He pulled until the skin was stretched taut and then released it the metal ring thudding against my rib. I let out a little yelp as Jensen bit down on it again and began to pull snaking a hand down into my pants at the same time. My breath increased a little as Jensen began to stroke my clothed member occasionally squeezing it until I saw stars.


“J-Jen… fuck…. Ouch! That hurt!” I snapped batting his head as he pulled harshly on the piercing again.


“When did you get this?” Jensen asked releasing the piercing and stroking a hand over the angry red nipples. I whimpered at the absence of Jensen’s hand but the tweaking on the stubs felt just as good.


“After about three months after you left… off,” I instructed pulling Jensen’s black shirt off and tossing it to the ground, “Chad went with me.”


Jensen growled at the mention of the blonde and tipped me backwards on the bed again grabbing at my pajama bottoms. They easily slid off and the older man snorted at the sight of my Christmas boxers. I immediately blushed and tried to make up some lame excuse but was soon silenced when Jensen pressed our mouths together again. Jensen kissed me hotly delighted when I answered back just as fiercely. I let out a sigh as Jensen began to increase his strokes and I took the time to fully look Jensen over. His chest was now wider than I remembered it being and had a nice tan to it unlike the pallor white color my skin had taken up from months of staying inside all day. I was mesmerized with how Jensen’s new muscles flexed and bulged as he held himself over me, a sight that made my gut tighten some more. There was the slightest scar in a circular shape on Jensen’s right arm and I thought back to the day at the asylum when Jensen had been shot. It was only moments later that I had been taken from him and put through hell and back. Those months had been painful for me and even at the mere thought of losing Jensen again I began to hyperventilate. I couldn’t let that happen I simply couldn’t.


“Jensen.” I gasped grabbing Jensen’s behind the neck and pulling his body down on top of mine.


“Someone’s needy,” Jensen smirked grinding down into me, “What is it?”


“You,” I whispered looking down muttering something else that Jensen didn’t catch.


“What?” He demanded grabbing my by the jaw and forcing me to look at him, “What?”


“You… you can’t ever leave me again.” I whispered as my eyes filled with tears.


“Oh God,” Jensen groaned as I buried my face in his neck, “Jay will you stop crying? I swear it’s like every five minutes with you.”


“I’m sorry okay!” I wailed clinging to Jensen tightly, “I-I can’t help it alright! I j-just don’t want you to leave me again!”


“I’m not going to leave you again,” Jensen whispered sitting up and hugging my sobbing body close. I let out little shuddery breaths and Jensen sighed in frustration stroking my hair until my breath evened out.


“B-but you left me last time… you weren’t there for me and didn’t stop them last time. They just took me and you didn’t even try to stop them.” I whispered into his neck. Jensen let out a feral growl and squeezed my sides roughly shaking me as he snarled in my face.


“I’m not going to fucking leave you again got it?’ He snapped, “I promise alright? Haven’t I always kept my promises?”


“Yes.” I muttered softly.


“Then shut the hell up and stop crying!” He said shaking me one last time. I sniffed and nodded sadly refusing to meet Jensen’s eyes and the older man frowned grabbing me by the chin so I was facing him, “I love you and no one can say otherwise.”


“I love you,” I whispered as Jensen captured my lips again teasing me with his tongue.


Jensen moaned into the kiss and tipped me back onto the bed again running his hands all over. I felt as if my skin were on fire and I whimpered running a hand down the sculptured plains of Jensen’s abs. My jaw still hurt from Jensen grabbing it earlier but somehow this was the most romantic moment in my life. Loving Jensen was both painful and romantic, I knew that Jensen would always have a rough side to him and yet somehow I didn’t seem to mind. For the past few weeks countless amounts of people had kept telling me that I was wrong, I didn’t really love him it was just a symptom, and no matter how hard I tried it seemed everything I did was wrong. With Jensen there was no wrong but then again there was no right. The rules of society didn’t seem to affect him no matter what he did and it secretly thrilled me that someone could be so free and wild as that.


“God I want to fuck you into this mattress,” Jensen mumbled against my throat, “Baby it’s been so long…”


He dragged his hands from my shoulders down my back finally stopping at the swell of my bottom. Then with one quick flick he dragged my boxers off now leaving me quivering and naked tucked beneath the older man. Jensen smiled cockily and ground down hard making me hiss as the rough denim of his jeans.


“W-why am I the only one naked?” I panted arching my back so I met in time with his movements.


“Turn around,” Jensen instructed ignoring my question, “Turn around.” He repeated firmly when I refused to.


“Ouch… Jen,” I whined when Jensen flipped me over onto my stomach. He grabbed me by the hips and pulled me backwards so I was now on all fours. The sound of rustling clothes could be heard and I frowned, “Jen what are you doing back there?”


“Shh,” He whispered caressing my bottom.


“What- Oh!” I cried out when I felt something hot and wet enter me.


It took a minute for my mind to register that it wasn’t a cock and I mewled leaning back until I was practically sitting on Jensen’s face. I started to demand that he just take him already but Jensen merely laughed slapping me across the butt. I arched my back and let out a low moan of pleasure as Jensen wiggled his tongue further and further in until he finally found that spot. With one short jab of his tongue I almost fell off the bed as my legs gave out. The room felt hot and smelled of sweat, a smell that normally would have disgusted me, was now making me pant, as I smelled Jensen’s scent all over my skin marking me. Jensen grabbed me between the thighs and spread them apart almost making me do a split now. The new position gave Jensen better access now and he began to lick furiously while at the same time taking my leaking member in his hand.


“Oh… right there… right there Jen,” I chanted as Jensen stroked me harder in time with his licks, “Oh my god Jen! Oh! Oh! Jensen Yes! Yes! Holy fuck yes!”


Jensen gave one last lick to my hot spot squeezing my member tightly at the same time until I saw stars. I came screaming his name so loud that my throat hurt before clumsily falling onto the bed with a sigh. I lay there like a pool of jello absolutely blissful not even noticing when I heard Jensen moving around behind me. Everything hurt right then and yet I felt totally relaxed and cleansed at the same time. I smiled dreamily nuzzling my face into the comforter and sighed closing my eyes for a moment waiting for sleep to come.


“God,” My eyes shot open at the sound of Jensen’s voice panting in my ear, “You looked so damn hot just then.”


Cool hands rubbed down my sweaty back and I shivered hugging the sheets closer to my body. I felt the bed shift and then there was a weight on my back pushing me down into the mattress.


“Do you know how long it’s been since I fucked someone?” Jensen panted rocking forward. I squeaked when Jensen’s leaking member bumped my entrance and I turned my head to the side to get a better look at the man.


“I don’t want to know who your last fuck was,” I snarled shocked at my tone. I tried to calm myself down before speaking again, “It’ll only make me jealous.”


“Hmm,” Jensen hummed rubbing against me bumping my entrance each time but never going in, “You were.”


“What?” I blinked.


“It was hard,” Jensen said seriously. He paused for a moment before bursting out laughing at the double meaning of his words, “It was so fucking hard but I did it. I didn’t fuck anyone for an entire goddamn year.”


“…” I didn’t say anything but i nodded slowly encouraging him to continue.


“I had to masturbate practically every morning,” Jensen snorted loving how that statement made me blush, “And every single time…”


I sucked in a breath when Jensen stopped his rocking motions. I felt his shaggy bangs tickle my ear.

“I thought about you.” The second those words had left his mouth Jensen slammed forward into me making me scream in pain.


Jensen groaned as he slid back and slammed forward again still able to feel his spit from earlier in there. Meanwhile I was crying tears of pain at the intrusion I tried arching away from Jensen’s thrusting hips but the older man grabbed my arms pining them behind my back thus immobilizing me as he continued to thrust.


“Ah! J-Jen!” I cried out when he thrust especially hard slamming against my prostate hard. I let out a moan from a mixture of pain and pleasure as Jensen continued to pound relentlessly into me. Jensen released my arms only to grab my hips and jerk me backwards so our bodies met in time with our thrusting. I mewled as Jensen sat up on his knees pushing my head down into the mattress forcing my bottom into the air. Jensen fucked me hard increasing his pace as my screams got louder, more desperate. He knew he was being rough with me and yet at the same time he made sure his hard thrusts would always bring me pleasure. Mind searing pleasure that left me a gurgling mess beneath him.


“I… fucking…” Jensen gritted out squeezing my hips so hard I knew I’d have bruises the next day, “Love… you!”


“J-Jen,” I barely managed to get out as Jensen slammed in hard again.


“Oh fuck!” Jensen screamed out as he came. He continued to thrust riding his orgasm out until he went soft within me.


“I love you,” Jensen whispered lying down on his back pulling me along with him as he was still inside my trembling body, “Forever I promise.”


“Forever.” I repeated nodding slowly before drifting off into sleep.



“Jared, honey, I’m home!” Sherri called stumbling over a pair of shoes in the foyer’s hallways.


“Opps!” She giggled still a little tipsy from the party. The clock in the dining room rang out four times and she frowned not quite believing how late it was.


“Jay?” She called kicking off her high heels. They clacked against the wooden floors and Sherri frowned. It was quite, too quite. Surely Jared would have woken up the minute she burst through the door and come down to scold her on her drinking habits.


“Jared?” She called walking up the stairway. She could see Jared’s open door at the top of the stairwell and she shivered at how cool the air was up there. She hadn’t left the central air on so how was it so cold?


“Jared, come out here this instant.” She ordered. Still there was neither movement nor noise in the big house and Sherri shivered as she crept over to Jared’s doorway.


“Jay honey?” She whispered pushing open the door.





I sighed as I watched the street lamps roll by one by one. It was still early in the morning and the sun had yet to come up. The roads were empty as the heavy black Cadillac drove through the abandon streets of Austin. There was something so absolutely peaceful about driving alone on the roads and I sighed in contentment leaning my head against the cool glass of the window. I was taking a big step tonight but it was worth it.


“Do you think she’ll miss me?” I said breaking the silence.


“Who?” Jensen asked keeping his eyes on the road.


“My mom, Sherri.”


“Yeah for awhile,” Jensen shrugged reaching over and taking my hand in his, “But then she’ll get over it, have a funeral, and move on.”


“I think we over did it with the chicken blood splattered all over the sheets.” I giggled squeezing Jensen’s hand playfully.


“She’ll have to get over it then,” Jensen smirked rubbing his thumb against my knuckles lightly, “I don’t like sharing.”


“And I like you not liking… to share.” I smiled sheepishly.


“God you are such a nerd.” Jensen barked out a laugh.


“But you love me.” I smiled biting my lip.


“Forever.” Jensen nodded as we drove off into the night .