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Best of Three

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"Two naked men. One set of clothes. No civilization. Aaaaand go!"

AKA: everything we need to live peacefully as adults we learn in childhood. (For the most part at least!)


Charles looks at him for a long moment, considering, purses his lips and then shrugs, smirking slightly as they both stare at the short stack of garments. "All right then, assuming you want to play for each piece individually and not just want to split the lot 50-50... Possession by win at Mental Chess Match or first to get three wins at Rock, Paper, Scissors?"

Erik raises a skeptical eyebrow. "And what assurances do I have that you won't CHEAT?"

Charles snorts in reply. "Do I LOOK overly concerned for my..err... dignity?"

For a deserted island, the weather is lovely. The fire has driven off most of the more annoying insects, and there's enough shade from sunburn, thanks to the overhead grove of palm trees.

He's ENJOYING the ambience honestly. At least for the time being. It'll take Hank and the boys a few more days to find them certainly...perhaps up to a week. In the meantime? Restless natives are probably all he has to fear.

'Not that 'fear' is precisely the right word.' Erik's just looking a wee bit...predatory...

"How about another kind of contest entirely..." The metalkinetic is the one smiling now, bending near , breath hot against the skin of Charles neck. To the victor goes the spoils, so to speak? First to make the other come gets first pick. Best of three?"

Erik smirks again. Charles shivers agreeably.

"Do we have...?" They didn't exactly pack for transport failure on their way back to Genosha.

"Lotion. In the first aid kit." He pats the blanket to his left. "This should prevent friction issues...if you were worried."

"No CHEATING Lehnsherr..."

Erik raises a brow. "Would I do that?"

Charles snorts, leaning in for a kiss just intense enough to make the other man restless. There's metal everywhere on this beach and the man has both a toy and a restraint fetish.

Erik's the one who keeps insisting he stop being quite so naive.

"When your ego's on the line? In. a. heartbeat."

"Cynic. Fine then." The metal bender pouts. "No cheating from you either...with know... mind whammies..."

"Agreed. Best of three?"

"As already stated."


"On the count of ten, then...nine... eight... seven...six...HEY!"


"I love you."

"I know. You're still a cheater."


Later still...

The pants don't even end up fitting as it turns out.

Erik is too smug to care.