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March, Enholt and Margrave: The Ten Year's War

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Imperial Intelligence Corps
Diplomatic Division

Date of Report: 30 April 2006
Agent: Ilona von Graf

Background Information on Countess Avelina ‘Eva’ von Lenberg

Date of Birth
24 March 1987

Place of Birth
Castle Lenberg, Bad-Lenberg, Wittelsmarch Empire

Charlotte von Lenberg, née Drelstein. Born 1967, still living. Second daughter of Baron von Drelstein. 3 siblings.

Count Nicholas III von Lenberg. Born 1954, died 1973. Only son of Count Nicholas II.

Maternal Grandparents
Baron Erik von Drelstein. Elevated to hereditary peerage for services rendered in the fall of Margravia. Previously landed gentry from Drelstein mountains.

Lady Avelina von Drelstein, née Saarfield. Prominent family of old March, one of the first investors in zeppelin techology. Provided significant dowries for all her daughters.

Paternal Grandparents
Count Nicholas von Lenberg II. Descended from a long line of ancient Margrave nobility, and instigator in many isolationist movements. This led to a depletion of funds in the family coffers and necessitated his son’s marriage to an heiress.

Countess Klara von Lenberg, née Ravensberg. Descended from the illegitimate cousin of deposed Margravian monarch Dominik. Neither side of the family has made any moves in the 200 years following the establishment of Wittelsmarch.


Romantic Relationships
Talks of an arranged union with the Zuringia family in the Margrave highlands have halted with the death of her father. Countess Lenberg herself does not engage in romantic liaisons, and seems to be solely focused on completing her degree.

Close Friendships
In addition to family ties with most old Margrave nobility, the countess is close friends with HIH Princess Elisabeth III, the oldest child of HIM Queen Astrid, and heiress to the imperial throne of Wittelsmarch. They met during the former’s début ball, and have remained close ever since. Due to the insular nature of the Lenberg family, few others have had the occasion to befriend the young countess.

The countess received a rigourous private education from governesses in her family home until the age of 13, whereupon she was granted entrance to the Margravius Academy and placed in the House of Silver, as tradition dictated. At the age of 16 she moved to the imperial capital at Brenholt and completed her secondary education at Brenholt’s College for Ladies. In addition to the core curriculum, Countess Lenberg tied for first place with Lady Anna von Grell in the following subjects: Rhetoric, Composition, Advanced Mathematics, History, Geography, Advanced Artificing, and Philosophy.

She made a successful application to the department of mechanical artificing at Angsbury University, but changed her mind shortly after her début and applied instead to read history at Brenholt College. This decision was probably a direct result of her friendship with HIH the Princess Elisabeth.

Currently the countess is on track to graduate with honours in her B.A. and looking to apply for a graduate position in Brenholt’s history Ph.D. program.

Police Record
Minor citations for disturbing the peace, expunged by imperial order.

Political Viewpoint
As a child, Countess Lenberg was close to her father, the Dowager Countess having separated from her husband shortly after the countess’s fifth birthday. After his death she became a ward of the Governor of Margrave, and was mostly left to the care of family servants. It can be inferred that the countess inherited her father’s isolationist views, as she has, with the exception of the crown princess, abstained from interacting with nobility outside what was formerly Margravia. At the moment she has not declared any political views, though her choice to associate with the heiress to the imperial throne is viewed with confusion by the family.

The countess is a talented mechanical artificer, and has been known to make clockwork oddities for HIH the Princess Elisabeth on several occasions.

Between estate management and studying, her otherwise busy schedule leaves very little free time and most interviewees stated that she ‘obsesses’ over her proposed thesis topic. She rides every morning with the crown princess and participates in weekly archery bouts with the imperial family.

All available data points to a private, academically-oriented member of the nobility. Her skill at artificing has not been used to harm HIH or the imperial family, and at present is not a cause for concern. The author maintains the conclusions of the 2003 report: although her paternal background poses significant causes for concern, given the length of her association with with HIH and the extended imperial family, Countess Avelina von Lenberg does not present a credible threat to the security of Wittelsmarch.

Grade A Security
Ongoing Surveillance
Level Beta Clearance