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Alex Danvers couldn't believe it.

Winn and Alex had grown close ever since he'd started working at the DEO. In many ways, that he'd grown into himself since she'd first met him - back when he was so in the thralls of unrequited love for Kara - made catching him in the act felt like more disappointing than anything.

"Why are you reading real person slash fic about my sister?"
"Y'see, it's not- I didn't even want to read this."
"No, seriously. The DEO – well, I – set up all sorts of alerts on the Internet so that if the words 'Kara Danvers' ever show up, we get an alert. This-" he pointed to the screen, "-was posted earlier today." Alex squinted` her eyes. It sounded plausible. And Winn was a stand-up guy.
"Okay, you're off the hook. This is a problem, though."
"Yeah. Kara doesn't like the limelight. I'm sure if she ever finds out who wrote this, she'll be pissed."


"So what's my punishment?" Lena purred, tracing a line with her finger across Kara's exposed stomach.
Kara let out a weak chuckle. Perspiration covered every inch of her body.
"How is that I'm a Super, but I've got less stamina than a Luthor?" Lena's red lips curled in a wicked smile.
"Kara, don't you know? I'm just that good. And Luthors always have stamina when it comes to Supers." As the silence between them lingered, Lena's smile became a nervous frown.
“...did I say something wrong?” Kara blinked. She hadn't been paying attention.
“What? Yes.” Lena recoiled. “No? I was totally paying attention and not lost in your eyes.” This elicited a laugh from Lena, followed by a deep kiss. Kara couldn't help it – Lena's eyes were so bright and beautiful, tinted with the haunted pain of a woman seeking redemption. How could she ever pull away from them? They held a sway over her ever since the first time the two had met. That sway had only deepened after Lena's ploy.
“I don't know how I got so lucky,” Lena smiled. “I could've traveled anywhere after Lex was put away. For a while, I was thinking somewhere in Europe. But part of me just felt drawn here...drawn to you.”
Kara broke into a wide smile, “Lena Luthor likes me”.
“Shut up.”
“Make me!”

Lena crooked an eyebrow, “I can definitely do that,” then slid down past Kara's hips. Kara gasped. She had to stop challenging Lena to things like this – she always ended up losing in the best way possible. And was Lena's tongue...vibrating? Wait. Not a tongue. Her phone. Elsewhere. Shit. It was the middle of the day. Had she really just fucked Lena Luthor in broad daylight in front of a bunch of glass windows? She had, but that was a problem for another time.
“Lena, wait...”
Lena ignored her.
“My phone, it's...ohhhhh...”

Kara's head lolled to the side. Maybe whoever was calling could wait a couple of minutes. And worst case, she didn't really need a job. Jess was nice, but Kara could totally roll calls in between marathon sessions on Lena's desk. Wait. What was she saying? She was Kara Danvers, ace reporter. And ace reporters don't let their feelings for the people they interview get in the way, even if the people they interview are so close to pushing her over the edge. She didn't want this to stop. Ever. It was better than she imagined and she'd imagined it. A lot. It pained her to do what she did next. Kara reached down, her fingers threading through Lena's black hair. Gently, she pulled Lena way from herself. Lena offered no resistance, moving back until she was eye to eye with the blonde Kryptonian.

You are amazing, but my phone's ringing. And Supergirl can't save the world if she's too busy with her girlfriend.”
“Is that too soon?”
Lena shook her head. “I just wanted to be the one to say it first.”
Kara kissed Lena again. “Too bad.” She slid off the CEO's desk and dressed herself back up as Kara Danvers.

Lena appraised her after she'd finished – which, given Kara's superspeed, was mere moments after Kara's toned, naked body had left the desk. “To think that a pair of glasses and a ponytail fooled me for so long...” Lena walked over and kissed her once more. “I'm almost going to miss Kara Danvers, bashful cub reporter.” Lena adjusted Kara's glasses, impressed by the artifice that Kara had so carefully manufactured.
“Oh believe me, that's still me. Like...eighty percent of the time. And being a superhero is not glamorous at all. It's exhausting.”
“Flying around all day takes that much out of you?”
“So much of my life is being careful not to say or do anything that might tip that Kara Danvers is Supergirl...”
“Like saying you flew here on a bus.”
“Hey, that was a good save.”
“Was it?”
Kara sighed. “I don't know how Clark does it...”
Kara's mouth opened to say something, to concoct a clever lie. All she could think about though was how wonderful Lena had felt. Focus on anything but your girlfriend for a hot second.
“Uhhh. I mean, y'know-”
“Don't tell me. Some day, Lex'll kidnap me to get to you. The last thing I want is to be spilling your secrets.”
“That will NEVER happen, Lena.” The forceful certainty to Kara's words reminded Lena why this beautiful creature in front of her was a hero. For a moment, Kara even made Lena believe it. Then she glanced away as the hope Kara inspired in her fled.
“Hey. Look me at me,” Kara reached out and lightly pinched Lena's chin. Lena didn't want to. She'd believe anything those eyes told her.
“Lena.” Lena surrendered, her eyes flicking up to meet those radiant blue pools she'd spent hours memorizing.
“If he comes for you, I'll be there.” There it was again, the certainty that melted away Lena's resistance. It'd be so long since Lena had cared about anyone this deeply. She realized in that moment that her lust for Kara had crystallized into pure and unfettered love. Kara's eyes washed away any resistance to that notion. Lena's heartbeat quickened in her chest. “In fact, maybe it's time you met my team...”
“At the DEO.” Kara held up her phone. "That was Alex calling."
Lena nodded.
“Which means another change of clothing, since Kara Danvers can't fly.” Kara reached for the first button on her shirt, but Lena stopped her.
“Or, my driver could take us and we could re-enact Private Business?” The look in Lena's eyes bordered on predatory. Kara loved it.
“I guess I have no choice but to graciously accept.”

The moment the limo pulled away from the curb, Kara pulled Lena into a deep kiss. Their tongues danced across each other, eliciting a moan from Lena. When the kiss finally broke, Lena pushed forward to whisper in Kara's ear. “On your knees...”
“Yes, mistress.”
Private Business had been something Kara hadn't published. She'd worried that writing herself as a submissive would give people the wrong idea, but she'd dismissed that idea. Nobody would ever know, she reasoned. Plus it's not like I'm the only one fantasizing about surrendering to Lena Luthor's control. Even just thinking the thought had set off a rush of moist warmth between her thighs.

Lena opened herself to Kara. Kara took that as invitation to move closer to her prize. As she moved in, the wonderful scent of Lena's excitement hit her. She was so close, but she knew her mistress hadn't given her the command. Private Business had Lena teasing Supergirl until Supergirl was mad with lust.
“Do you like it?”
“Yes, mistress.”
“You want to taste it, don't you?”
“Yes, mistress.”
“Too bad.”
Kara whined. It wasn't an act.
“This is your punishment. All those days we could've been together, but no. You had to keep who you were a secret. Maybe I won't even let you touch me.”
“Say it again. And call me mistress.”
“Please, mistress.”
“You're lucky I like you.”

Lena gave an affirmative wave of her hand and Kara surged forward, hungry lips finding their target. Lena groaned at the welcome assault, admiring the strength and dexterity afforded to Kara by her Kryptonian biology. Otherworldly was an appropriate term for what Kara could do with that tongue and those hands.

As the limo sped down the road toward the DEO's downtown facility, neither Kara or Lena realized their actions had been monitored and recorded. Calculated, even, down to the smallest detail. Yes, vengeance would be coming for them. It would be swift, sharp, and unseen until the final moment.