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What is a profile?

Your profile belongs to your main user name (the one you log into the Archive with) and displays all the information you choose to enter on your profile page. It will always show your Pseuds and the date you joined the Archive. You are not required to show any other information unless you want to.

You can use your profile page and bio to share information about which fandoms you've been in, what kind of fic you write, and anything else you'd like.

How do I edit my profile?

You can view and edit your profile by going to My Dashboard and following the 'Profile' link. The 'Edit My Profile' link is at the bottom of the Profile page. You can edit your email address (required for an account but never displayed), title for you profile page, location, date of birth, and bio (all optional), as well as upload an Icon and manage your Pseuds. The 'Edit Profile' page is also where you change your password (never displayed).

What does my profile contain? Who can see the information on it?

Anyone can see the information you choose to display on your profile, whether they have an account on the Archive or not, but you can decide how much information to include in it.

Your profile displays your Pseuds and the date you became a member of the Archive by default. You can choose to enter your date of birth, a title, your location, and other information about you, but this information is not required.

How do I upload an icon?

You can upload an icon by clicking on the placeholder icon visible on your profile. Icons can be uploaded through the 'Edit Profile' page as well. The link on the top right will take you to the icon uploading page. For more information on icons and uploading them, please see the section on Icons or the Icons Tutorial.