Archive FAQ > History and Mark for Later

What is my History?

History is a way of keeping track of what you've accessed on the Archive. Maybe you found a great fic about tentacles but you forgot to bookmark it - if you check under your history, it will show up in the list! It lists all works you clicked into, in date order. You can also see all the works you've marked to read later. To filter for just these, click the 'Show Works You Saved to Read Later' button.

You can turn the view history option off in 'Preferences' in My Dashboard. Warning: This will also disable the 'Mark to Read Later' feature.

Where can I find my History?

Under My Dashboard, you'll see the option for 'My History' in the left-hand navigation box. Select the link to display the history of works you have opened.

Who can see my History?

Only you can access your history. It is not available to anyone else on the site, including admins.

How can I manage my History?

You can chose to clear it or turn it off altogether.

To clear it simply go to your history page and click the 'Clear Viewing History' button. Warning: this option can not be undone and it will also clear the list of works you saved for later!

To turn off your viewing history, go to 'Preferences' on My Dashboard and uncheck the 'Enable Viewing History' option. Anything you open after that will not be recorded, and your past history will not be displayed. If you turn History back on, your old history will reappear. If you'd like to delete everything completely, please make sure you clear your history before turning off the viewing history.

Can I delete only certain stories without clearing my complete history?

Yes. When you look at your viewing history you will find a "Delete" button under each blurb. When you click the button, you will be asked if you are sure you want to delete the entry from your history. Accept and the work is deleted from your history immediately. Warning: Deleting the work from your history will also delete it from your reading list!

What is the "Show works you saved to read later" button in my history?

On viewing a work you can find the button "Mark for later" amongst the other control buttons on top of the work page. When you click that button the work will be added to your reading list so you can easily find them again without having to browse or search the whole archive. The button "Show works you saved to read later" will take you to that list of stories you saved via the "Mark for later" button.

What does the "Mark for later" button do?

When you click the button, the work you are currently viewing will be added to your reading list which can be found in your history under My Dashboard.

Where can I find my reading list?

Your reading list is located under My Dashboard in the History section, since it currently ties in with the viewing history. On your viewing history click the button "Show works you saved to read later" to find a list of all the stories you marked previously.

Why is there no "Mark for later" button when I view a work?

The "Mark for later option" only works if your history is switched on. Please check under My Dashboard -> Preferences -> scroll down to "Misc" and check the box for viewing history turned on. When you go back to the work or refresh the tab, you should find the "Mark for later" button above the header of the work, alongside bookmarking, downloading, sharing and all the other options.

Why is the work I just marked for later not in my list?

Updates to the viewing history and the reading list take a little while. This can vary, depending on site traffic, from a couple of minutes to an hour or more. Check again after a while and the works should be on the list.

How do I take a work off my list?

Browse to the work in question. At the end of the work you should see a button saying “Mark as read”. Click the button and wait for the history/list to get updated, the work should no longer show up on your reading list.
You can manually delete a work from your list, BUT: this will also delete the work from your viewing history.

Can I clear my history but keep my reading list?

At the moment that is not possible. When you clear your history your reading list will be lost, too. The history currently serves as the basis for the reading list. We are still working on making this feature better, but for now they cannot be treated independently