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Can I read multi-chaptered works as one long document?

Yes! If a work is displayed chapter-by-chapter, select 'View Entire Work' at the top of the page to display all chapters on one page. If you prefer to always have an entire work displayed on a single page, you can set this as your default in your 'Preferences' on My Home.

Can I read multi-chaptered works chapter-by-chapter?

Yes! This is the option currently enabled by default. If the entire work is displayed on a single page, select 'View Chapter By Chapter' to enable this option. You'll then get a new set of options to navigate from chapter to chapter.

Can I disable complex formatting on works?

Yes! We allow people to 'hardcode' a limited amount of styling into their works with HTML, but more complex styling (different fonts, coloured text, etc) is applied using CSS from a 'work skin'. All CSS formatting can be disabled - just select the 'Disable creator's style' button to strip it to a more basic view.

Is there a way to mark works to read later/What is the "Mark for later" button?

Yes there is. The button appears when you open a work. Clicking it will add the work to your reading list. Please see the History and Mark for later FAQ to find more information on this feature. Warning: Turning off the ‘viewing history’ option will also disable the ‘Mark to read later’ feature.

Can I print from the archive?

We have a stylesheet for printing, so just hit print and it'll take care of the rest for you!

Can I download works to read on a portable device?

Yes! Check out our FAQ on Downloads.