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2010-11-11 23:17:54 -0500

Welcome to Revision 3295, up from 2998. This release is a big one - we've upgraded the framework the Archive runs on to version 3 of Rails, which involved rewriting ALL the code.

7 different coders contributed code to this release, and many, many more people worked to bring it about. Major kudos to Sidra, Elz and Naomi, who did all the heavy lifting when it came to rewriting ALL the code. We're also excited to welcome first commit from new coder rebecca, who contributed lots of fixes to this release! Thanks to Cesy and all the coders who worked to write Cucumber tests, which helped us make this upgrade with confidence. Much gratitude to Eylul and Kylie, our test leads, for their hard work coordinating volunteer testers and testing. And thank you to everyone else who contributed with support, documentation, cheerleading, tag wrangling - and to the users who contributed generously during our October membership drive to help provide a secure financial future for the Archive (next stop - more servers!) \0/


Rails 3 upgrade

This release is also known as "OMG Rails 3! \o/" You might see us a little excited by this - so excited we added a special Rails 3 Archive logo for this deploy. :) We have upgraded the framework the Archive runs on to Rails 3 - this basically meant rewriting or tweaking ALL the code. Most of the changes should be invisible to users, but Rails 3 should bring a lot of performance improvements. The awesome testing team and temporary testers have done an amazing job of doing a full regression test in a very short time, making sure that you see only the nice outcomes of the upgrade!

Sanitizer and parser changes

We have significantly changed our HTML sanitizing and parsing. When you post a work on the Archive, we check the code and strip out anything that we can't be sure is safe, and also format it nicely for you. We used to do this when someone viewed the code, but that was a big performance drain! Now we do it when we save the code, and when you edit you'll be able to see the formatted code we produced (don't be alarmed when HTML tags show up on edit!). This should make things much clearer for authors and much faster for readers! For more details of the change and how it will affect you, please see our post on the new parser.

Video embedding

We're super-excited to be able to announce the introduction of something many people have been waiting for - you can now embed video on the Archive! Video embeds are working from Youtube, Vimeo,, Dailymotion, Viddler, Metacafe and 4shared. We have to limit it to specific sites for security reasons, but if you use another hosting site and want us to add it, please submit a support request with a link to the site and we'll add it if we can.

We spent some shiny pennies to purchase, so now, if you type this into your browser, it will redirect to Less typing for you!

Gift Exchange improvements

Gift exchanges now offer the following dazzling options to moderators setting
them up:
- allow offer/request ANY
- require unique values across prompts/offers (ie "all fandoms must be unique")
- generate fandom, character, relationship, and freeform tag lists based on the average number of uses of the tag on the Archive (so if you want to run a challenge focused on under represented characters you can create an easy list to start with)
- restrict character/relationship/freeform tag autocomplete to those belonging to
the selected fandom (this depends on whether they have been wrangled by our team of intrepid wranglers - get in touch with them via a support request if you have particular needs)

New default font

You may notice that headings on the Archive now look a bit different. We used to use a custom font, Fertigo, which was packaged with the Archive (so every user could see it, regardless of whether they had it installed on their own computer). It was very pretty! Unfortunately, it did not behave well with some non-Latin characters, and was causing a few perfomance issues too, so we have retired it. If you have works in Cyrillic or Greek which previously had weird characters in the title, this change should fix it.

If you miss Fertigo and would like it back, or you want to change the way the Archive looks in other ways, don't forget you can create a custom skin! Check out our tutorial on skins for more information.

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page.

Release details


  • Challenges code

  • A lot of improvements and additions to automated tests

  • Some extra security to tag wrangle filtering

  • Renamed user-generated-views to userstuff for conciseness

  • Huge overhaul of sanitizing and parsing

  • Added custom author parser in preparation for rescuing the whitfic and
    grahamslash archives

  • Ability to turn off tag wrangling at times of heavy traffic

  • Adding page for fandoms without wranglers

  • Styling and sorting for challenge summary page

  • Swapped out birthday party icon for another temporary icon celebrating our Rails upgrade!

  • Modified styling in the rich text editor so that it displays in the same way as it will look on post.

  • Improved accuracy of wordcount feature. \0/

  • Modified comment link on downloads so that it goes direct to the 'Add comment' form, for greater feedbacking ease.

  • Added ability for admins to edit public skins.

  • Added meta section for downloaded works.

  • Added ability to delete or post drafts directly from the 'My Drafts' page.

  • Added ability to tag works on import.

  • Moved 'Mark to read later' to the top of works.

  • Retired our old custom font, Fertigo.

  • Added a descriptive title for downloads so that all devices list downloads by the work title instead of just by 'download'.

  • Added ability to restrict downloading works to logged-in users, for times of heavy load or in case of a DoS attack.

  • Changed the list of fandoms on user profile pages so that it only shows fandom tags they have actually used on their works (not the parent metatags) and sorts those in order of the number of works.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for "Chapter 1" heading appearing on downloads of stories with only one chapter

  • Unposted chapters included in downloads

  • Fixed bug with edit option showing on the work preview page.

  • Fixed bug causing some symbol icons to disappear on works listings.

  • Fixed bug causing unposted chapters to appear on chapter navigation listings.

  • Fix for bug causing no results to be returned when limiting search to a specific category.

  • Fixed various encoding issues causing problems with tags which included special characters.

  • Fixed a problem causing endless redirects on the preferences page when there was an error.

  • Fixed problem causing errors when downloading some works with special characters.

  • Modified pdf downloads so they appeared with a plain white background.

  • Improved adult content warning behavior so that links to 'Show comments' are preserved when you have to click through the warning.