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2011-07-11 13:05:30 -0400

Welcome to Release, up from 0.8.6. Cesy, Elz, Enigel, erda, mumble, Pixel, shalott, Sidra, Tel, Laura and velocitygrass contributed code to this release, which was tested by our awesome testing team: Cesy, mumble, Rebecca, Tel, xparrot, Zebra, Zooey. Life has been particularly demanding for members of our team over the last couple of months, so we delayed our planned monthly release. We're proud of how much has been achieved despite the many other things which were demanding our attention!


Prompt memes!

We're really excited about the latest addition to our challenge and collections code - you can now run prompt memes on the AO3! The new feature comes with lots of handy features to make it easier to keep track of prompts you've posted or filled, sort prompts and fills, and manage whether the challenge is open or closed. Read more in our prompt memes tutorials: Setting up a prompt meme challenge and Participating in a prompt meme challenge.

Subscriptions feed - trial version

We've had a great response to our author subscriptions feature, and we're keen to expand it! Our eventual plan is to include subscriptions for all kinds of things, including fandoms, particular tags, and individual works, but we need to roll this out slowly in order to test how much load it puts on the site. The next step is to offer subscriptions via RSS feed: we're trialling this in this release with an Atom feed on the 'F/F' category tag. You can subscribe to the feed using your favourite feed reader (we've also created syndications on Livejournal and Dreamwidth). We picked this tag because it has a regular stream of works posted each week, but not so many we risk breaking the Archive. Do subscribe to the Atom feed at and try it out. Comment to this post if you have feedback!

Enhancements to our importer - imports from and The Twilight Archives

In the wake of the purchase of and The Twilight Archives, we know that some fans with works on those archives are keen to back their work up elsewhere. In order to make this easier, we've added those sites to our custom importer. Simply paste the url of the first chapter of your work from those archives into the import form, and the importer should be able to pull down all the chapters along with your summary and most of your notes as well as some tags, and it will also make a note of your read count. (As always with the importer, we recommend reading over the results before posting, though!)

Note that this upgrade should also work to import multiple-chaptered stories from ALL efiction-based archives, although the story formatting won't be as accurate as from these two specific archives. We'll be working on more improvements to efiction archive importing in the future.

New tag autocomplete

The autocomplete has been retooled to solve several bugs and (we hope) significantly improve performance and response time. The main visual difference you'll notice is that when you are entering information into an autocomplete field (for instance when you're putting in the fandoms on a story you're posting), each tag you enter will show up above the entry field. You can double-click on the tag to edit it, or click on the 'x' to delete (similar to the way it works on Delicious).

Email improvements

We've started work on improving the automated emails sent out by the Archive (for example, for subscriptions). In this release, we've just included better contact information in emails, but we're working on improving our support for text-only emails and spiffing things up generally. If you have thoughts about what you'd like to see us do in this area, comment on this post.

More CSS options!

When we launched our skins feature, we erred on the side of caution, so a lot of valid CSS wasn't allowed through. We've now expanded the options, so you should be able to use most valid CSS.

Squashing the extra pseud bug

Quite a few people were affected by a bug which was preventing them removing pseuds from a work - trying to switch to using a different pseud instead resulted in both pseuds showing up. We've fixed that now! It won't retrospectively fix affected works, so you'll still have to go back and remove the unwanted pseud on those.

Fix for chapter posting problems

We've had a number of reports of problems posting, editing or deleting chapters. We believe that these problems were caused by issues with Javascript - we've now fixed chapter posting so that it will work even if Javascript is disabled (or otherwise disrupted). We hope this will have solved all the chapter posting issues, but if you're still encountering problems, do let us know! (We're still working on deletion without javascript.)

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page.

Release details


  • Prompt memes!

  • Better autocomplete!

  • Trial run for RSS tag subscriptions!

  • Introduced notice banners for non-intrusive and easily-hidden admin messages

  • Added a separate page under your profile options to change your email address

  • Tweaked the My Related Works page to separate translations from remixes, first in a series of planned improvements to the work relationship functionality

  • Added a line about contacting support to the footer of all Archive notifications, e.g. in case you think you've received an email in error, and a Challenge profile link in assignment emails if you'd like to contact a Challenge maintainer

  • Series information now appears in the work blurb

  • Added the option to post-without-previewing when adding and editing chapters

  • Enabled support for more CSS options, such as various CSS3 properties that were previously not allowed in Archive and Work skins

  • Added a "Header color" and an "Accent color" option to the Archive skin wizard (the accent color will affect the background of the Dashboard menu box, the work blurb box on single work pages and the box containing your pseuds on your profile page)

  • Added a link to the RSS feed for admin posts from the News page

  • Added and to the whitelisted domains for video embeds in works and the ability to include an offsite player from Google for audiofics


  • Admin:
    • Fixed drag-and-drop rearranging of items in the Archive FAQ
    • Fixed a bug where admins wouldn't get notified of new comments on blog posts
    • Fixed a bug where admins would get an ugly error page when trying to open the Support and Feedback page

  • Collections and Challenges:
    • Previously, only owners of a challenge could access the signup form when the challenge was closed (e.g. for testing purposes), this has now been extended to moderators
    • There was a bit of borked HTML in some mod-side challenge notifications, this has been fixed
    • Tag links in assignment emails have been changed to link to all works with that tag, not just works in the collection (which will often be empty at signup time)
    • Signup summaries on the My Signups page are now sorted by date, newest at top
    • Improvements to the code for revealing works in a Collection one by one
    • Fixed a backend bug relating to challenge signup notifications
    • Added a help pop-up to the Challenge name field
    • Removed the yuletide2010 controller, which introduced the static browsing feature for busy challenges and has since become obsolete

  • Works:
    • Changes in Livejournal's code temporarily broke importing from LJ, this has been fixed
    • The word count would be off for languages using non-Roman alphabets, we have now taken first steps to displaying correct word counts for all languages (more work will be needed for Chinese, Japanese, and Thai)

    • Trying to post a new chapter would lead to a 404 error when Javascript was disabled (and sometimes when it wasn't), this has been fixed now
    • Fixed a bug that prevented users from deleting or changing the pseud on a work
    • Changed chapter and series drag-and-drop reordering to be done with jQuery, made sure the chapter/work numbers get updated instantaneously
    • Fixed a bug with publication dates in epubs (the download date would get inserted instead)
    • Fixed a display bug that would cause really long stats lines (Published, Completed, Words, Chapters, Comments and so on) to run over the work blurb lines
    • Fixed a timezone issue where the publishing date on a work page would sometimes be different from the date displayed in the work blurb (used in search results, tag pages etc.)
    • Fixed the help pop-up text for posting a new chapter to say that a title isn't required for chapters
    • Rewrote autocomplete code for entering tags, fixed several bugs in the process

  • Bookmarks:
    • The "View most recent bookmarks" button on the Bookmarks page resulted in a list of *all* bookmarks for a work, with slightly broken CSS; this has been fixed on both accounts
    • If you accidentally inserted too many commas in the 'Your Tags' field when bookmarking a work, you'd get a 500 error, this has been fixed

  • Comments:
    • Since the parser adds HTML tags to user input, comments that stayed within the character limit would sometimes still turn out to be too long after submitting - and thus get eaten; now an invalid comment will be returned to the user for possible corrections
    • The bottom 'Read Comments' button when viewing an entire work would direct back to the first chapter when Javascript was turned off, this has now been fixed

  • Fun Errors:
    • Trying to use an already redeemed invitation would give a 500 error, this has been fixed
    • Logging out while on your My Skins page would give a 500 error, this has been fixed
    • Empty search results or empty query parameters in URLs would result in ugly errors, this has been fixed
    • When creating or editing a skin, using certain special characters like [ or ( in the 'Allowed Value Autocomplete' field would sometimes cause a brief error 500, this has been fixed
    • Fixed a problem with 422 errors when trying to create synonymous tags in the Tag Wrangling interface
    • Fix for the password reset functionality (now there's an error message if the new password isn't actually saved)
    • Fixed an issue with Rails that prevented users from browsing the Archive on a Playstation Portable
    • Fixed an issue where the importer would break off if the source contained the special character number 0

  • Misc:
    • Special characters like " would be turned into their escaped versions (" and so on), breaking some more advanced CSS options; this has been partially fixed, although > < are currently still being stripped.
    • Removed a note about performance issues ("As of 18 November 2010...") from the Support and Feedback page
    • Fixed the "last viewed" time display on the reading history page
    • Removed a stray colon on the Advanced Search page
    • Tidied up the help pop-up for the Archive skin wizard
    • When a user changes their email address, a notification is now sent to the old email address registering the change.
    • Added a link to the TOS FAQ from the Archive FAQ
    • Changed wording in the "Hide freeform tags by default" option in the Preferences to "additional tags"
    • Lots of refactoring and bug-fixing work for automated tests