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2010-12-21 16:03:27 -0500

Welcome to revision 3453, up from revision 3435! This release contains some minor bugfixes as well as a few nice feature enhancements! Thanks, as always, to the wonderful coders and testers who contributed to this release.


Kudos improvements!

The new Kudos feature is very popular! However, a number of people found that they had accidentally added Kudos to their own works and felt a little bashful about it. In response to user feedback, you will no longer be able to add Kudos to your own works. Additionally, existing self-applied Kudos have been removed.

In other Kudos news, we've also added notification of Kudos being given for your works. You will receive these notifications so long as you have comment notifications turned on in your Preferences. You will also be able to search for stories by number of Kudos.

Improved Fandom Index Pages!

Fandom index pages have been redesigned with the addition of handy alphabetical jump links to help you find your place in the listing more quickly.

Admin Post Translations

This release also adds an improved system for the translation of Admin Posts, no longer requiring manual linking to the translated versions. Non-English posts will not show up in the RSS feed, but you will be able to subscribe via RSS to posts in the language(s) of your choice.

Non-English admin posts will be automatically linked from the English version, and will show up under the url for the language in question, e.g. the German posts will be at To get the rss feed, simply append .rss to the relevant url:

Note: Change to Search Function

For performance reasons, you will no longer be able to search on the full text of works content. Summaries and notes are still searchable.

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page.

Release details


  • Improvements for fandom index pages (sorted alphabetically, with quick jump links)

  • List of fandoms in collections and challenges can now be filtered by media type

  • Added ability to search for stories by number of kudos

  • Added notifications for kudos (unless you turned off comment notifications under Preferences)

  • Added a fix that will prevent users from adding kudos to their own works

  • Made unposted chapters in a chaptered work more noticable

  • Enabled comment management for admins (mark as spam, delete)

  • Better system for admin post translations (different versions of an admin post don't have to be manually linked anymore)


  • Fix for updating all unposted stories in a challenge as defaulters

  • Fixed a bug causing some users to be without default pseuds; if you found that you got multiple 500 errors when logged in (couldn't view profile, works, or sign up for challenges) then this should have fixed your problem