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  • Making Moves - May 2015 Drive

    Published: Tue 05 May 2015 12:36PM EDT Comments: 0

    The first moves seem simple enough. A pawn pushes forward, a knight takes a hop. A fan archive is created, an academic journal publishes its first issue. But things get complicated very quickly: What strategies to use? What move to make next? Different scenarios play out on different parts of the board, and dealing with each one requires consideration and planning.


  • How We've Grown - May 2015 Drive

    Published: Mon 04 May 2015 12:39PM EDT Comments: 10

    A wiki. An academic journal. A fanworks archive. A legal team. These things don't seem, at first, to have much in common. But if you fit them all together, they start to form a single picture: the OTW.


  • How Well Do You Know AO3? - May 2015 Drive

    Published: Sun 03 May 2015 12:16PM EDT Comments: 22

    The Archive of Our Own is a labor of love that has become an integral part of fannish life for many of us. But how much do you really know about AO3, its background and its inner workings?