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  • OTW Finance: 2016 Budget Update

    Published: Sat 24 Sep 2016 08:24PM EDT Comments: 16

    In March this year, the OTW published its first official budget. Since then, our Finance committee has been rebuilt by volunteers who have non-profit and/or accounting backgrounds! They've been busy working with other committees to reorganize and rebuild key internal processes for bookkeeping, budgeting, tax filing, and general financial policies.


  • Releases 0.9.159 - 0.9.163: Change Log

    Published: Sat 24 Sep 2016 07:29PM EDT Comments: 0

    In this release, we are introducing changes to the abuse report form and fixing a couple of issues with subscription emails for anonymous works. Also included: some invisible code improvements and better documentation for developers wishing to submit bug fixes.


  • Guest Post: Versaphile

    Published: Fri 16 Sep 2016 12:12PM EDT Comments: 20

    From time to time, the OTW will be hosting guest posts on our OTW News accounts. These guests will be providing an outside perspective on the OTW or aspects of fandom where our projects may have a presence. The posts express each author's personal views and do not necessarily reflect the views of the OTW or constitute OTW policy. We welcome suggestions from fans for future guest posts, which can be left as a comment here or by contacting us directly.