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  • Today is International Fanworks Day 2016!

    Published: Sun 14 Feb 2016 11:46AM EST Comments: 0

    As we mentioned last month, the OTW will be hosting events for International Fanworks Day again this year across all timezones.


  • Releases 0.9.101 - 0.9.116: Change Log

    Published: Sat 13 Feb 2016 06:52PM EST Comments: 0

    We've deployed about forty (forty!) code changes over sixteen releases, primarily focused on invisible, back-end changes that will help with performance and stability. However, we found time to sneak in a small handful of user-facing changes, too!


  • January 2016 Newsletter, Volume 98

    Published: Fri 12 Feb 2016 10:27PM EST Comments: 15

    There have been some big milestones at the AO3 recently. The Archive recently reached the 2 millon fanworks mark. It took over four years to reach 1 million fanworks, and less than two years to add the second million. Also recently, Tag Wrangling canonized AO3's 20'000th fandom. Thanks to everyone who has been involved in the Archive's success.